Holy cluck, they’re making cannabis chicken wings

“The market asked for it, basically,”  exclaims The Coop restaurant co-owner Renee Theriault

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It’s like they took two of the best things in the world and combined them: weed chicken wings. 

The creation comes courtesy of The Coop, a restaurant in Saint John, New Brunswick. Neither of the chefs who own the joint seem like cannabis specialists, per se. But the idea is one they say that wing lovers are going to want to get in on. 

“The market asked for it, basically,”  exclaims The Coop co-owner Renee Theriault. If I am part of the market, then yes they did.  

But alas, there is a downside: you can’t legally put THC in those wings yet in Canada, so it’s just cannabis oil without THC (for now).

In that regard, “social media has been a little bit difficult, honestly,” says Theriault. “Some people aren’t very educated on what THC-zero means.”

According to the CBC, the place isn’t planning to be a full-fledged cannabis restaurant just yet. 

But in the meantime, you can recreate your own flavouring at home — just infuse some cannabutter, and mix that with BBQ sauce to make a baked Buffalo wing sauce.



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