Hikers are climbing Britain’s highest peak to hot box in a shed 

And it’s set off a bit of a tizzy

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I’ve gone to some crazy lengths to find somewhere quiet to smoke. But I’ve never had to hike up a mountain. In Scotland, however, things are a little different. 

There, a recent report from the improbable journalistic outlet LADBible has set off a bit of a tizzy. It’s reporting that an emergency shelter atop Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest mountain, is a popular destination for people looking to hotbox. 

“Is it the altitude? Is it just that they’ve yomped up a gigantic hill? Who knows,” writes LADBible’s Tom Wood. 

That caught the attention of a Ben Nevis mountain guide named Mike Pescod. He wrote in response: “I do think it is a sign people are not treating Ben Nevis with sufficient respect. We can drift away from our daily routine and stress by immersing ourselves in nature when we climb mountains, and there is a very clear restorative effect in doing so. I don’t think we really need to get high as well.” 

You can decide for yourself.


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