Happy CBD Day! Oh, you’ve never heard of it?

By Kieran Delamont


One sign that you’ve made it in the world is when marketers make up a national holiday to lubricate PR pitches, inspire a thousand of online posts and get a sweet hashtag trending on Twitter. They’re catnip to the digital marketing industry.

Now we have National CBD Day.

The second annual event was “celebrated” on August 8 and websites taking part in some eye-spinning promo of CBD products to mark the occasion.

If you’ve never heard of CBD Day, you’re not a lone. But its origins apparently go back to North Carolina-based CBD manufacturer cbdMD. The firm applied to the National Day Calendar organization to get the day approved and presto. It’s mission? To increase consumer awareness of the many applications of CBD, says cbdMD president Caryn Dunayer. The company is also the “official founder” of National Hemp Day, which was marked for the first time on February 4 this year.

Is it BS? Maybe. But Coca-Cola invented the modern Santa Claus, after all.

And filling up airtime on talk shows to introduce people to the various medical benefits of CBD can only prove an added boon for a legal CBD market in the U.S. that’s growing exponentially. According to The Brightfield Group, the market could hit nearly $24 billion by 2022.

cbdMD is carving out a prominent place for itself in that business. Pro golfer Bubba Watson, the BIG3 pro basketball league founded by rapper Ice Cube and mixed martial arts promotional outfit Bellator MMA have all partnered with the company to promote the use of its CBD products for treatment for pain and recovery.

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