Grow-op busted in Spain after showing up on a cycling race broadcast

+ the DEA defends its schwag and Mike Tyson wants to be the face of weed in Sin City

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The Vuelta a España is one of the premier cycling races in Europe, snaking through the Spanish countryside. It is watched by millions of people, with live television broadcasts of  the race’s 21 stages. 

Which means that if you live along the route, it’s a really stupid idea to put your weed plants out for some sun. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday: as a helicopter was flying over the city of Igualada to film the race, viewers spotted a large number of cannabis plants growing on the top of a roof. Police quickly became aware of this, and the grow-op was soon busted. They’re still not sure, however, who the weed belongs to.

The Guardian has more details.


The DEA’s weed guy defends growing schwag

It’s been a longstanding complaint among American researchers that the cannabis being grown by the Drug Enforcement Administration for research purposes bears little resemblance to weed available on the street. But the guy in charge of the DEA’s facility, pharmacologist Mahmoud ElSohly, defended the government-grade weed.

“Why people want to smoke or use cannabis with 20 or 15 or 18 per cent THC is just beyond me,” he said, on the National Families in Action podcast. Well then.

Listen to the rest of that interview here.


Mike Tyson wants to be the face of cannabis in Las Vegas

No stranger to hyperbolic statements in recent months, especially when it comes to the copious amount of pot he smokes, Mike Tyson now says he wants to be the face of weed in Sin City. The former heavyweight boxing champ turned cannabis connoisseur owns a cannabis ranch in California which produces flower as well as cannabis extracts.


“Las Vegas is basically where I got my name,” Tyson told the Las Vegas Sun. “This is where it all started. I believe implicitly in the power of cannabis and I want to be the face of cannabis in this town.”


Read some criticism of this statement at The Growth Op.


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