France moves to expand access to medical marijuana

A new pilot project will allow some 3,000 patients to vape or eat pot under a doctor’s supervision


French politicians are considering a bill that would allow imported medical marijuana to be given away free to patients. It’s part of a pilot project seen as the first step towards a full-fledged medical marijuana marketplace in the country. 

Right now, only two cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals – Sativex and Epidiolex – are permitted for use in the country by patients. Other than that, medical cannabis is illegal in France. 

The pilot project will run for two years and will allow patients to vape or eat pot under a doctor’s supervision. The French government expects about 3,000 patients to be eligible for the program. 

Analysts hope the move will shake up Europe’s medpot marketplace where the only significant program right now is in Germany. Other major economies in the European Union have yet to set up comprehensive medical marijuana regimes. Those that do exist, like the UK’s for example, are restrictive.

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