Did the Washington Redskins fire their coach for smoking pot? 

The team has declined to comment, but clearly it was one more controversy it did not need given the NFL’s anti-dope stance


I won’t bore you with the football details here, because I don’t see the significance of debating whether Dwayne Haskins should be team quarterback over the comically-named Colt McCoy. But the Washington Redskins sacked coach Jay Gruden on Monday.

Gruden’s decision to play McCoy (who I assume is a good all-American kid judging by his name) over Haskins on Sunday against the Patriots was just another sore spot. As was, no doubt, the team’s 0 and 5 start.

But on Saturday, a video posted on YouTube of Gruden smoking what looks like a rolled cigarette – but speculation is that it could have been a joint – and chatting up a young woman started making the rounds. So far the video, which is more than a year old, has racked up more than 15,000 views.

Whether it contributed to Gruden’s firing is unclear. The team has declined to comment. But clearly it was one more controversy a franchise suffering from dysfunction both on and off the field did not need – especially given the NFL’s anti-dope stance.


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