Push is on to decriminalize magic mushrooms in Oregon and California

The footwear company Dr. Bonner’s recently donated $150,000 to the campaign in Oregon

By Kieran Delamont


Oregonians and Californians may get a chance to vote on ballot measures to decriminalize magic mushrooms in 2020. 

The soap company Dr. Bonner’s recently donated $150,000 to a campaign to gather the required number of signatures in Oregon.

Meanwhile, activist group Decriminalize California has started the process in that state. But there are still a few steps to go, including getting the required certification and the measure approved by the state government. 

A handful of cities in the U.S. have already decriminalized psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms. The hallucinogenic is finding favour as a treatment for everything from MS to depression and physical pain.

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