DEA finally gets real about cannabis research

Plus, Willie Nelson rolls out his own line of CBD-infused treats in your morning buzz

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The Drug Enforcement Administration announced Monday that it will be expanding the number of growers in the U.S. approved for cannabis research.

If there’s any chance of expanding medical cannabis access at the federal level in the U.S., solid evidence is going to be needed.

But right now, researchers stateside all have to get their bud from the University of Mississippi – and there have been complaints that the product grown there is not up to snuff.

Now that researchers can get their hands on decent weed they can study properly the hope is it will lead to improved access to better quality product for medical cannabis users.


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Could weed help man’s best friend?

Monday marks #NationalDogDay — as if anyone needed an excuse to celebrate our favourite furry companions.

But now there’s a growing body of research to suggest that CBD, which dogs can tolerate (as opposed to THC, which stresses them out) can help man’s best friend with all sorts of ailments.

And now country music and weed legend Willy Nelson is getting in on the act.

Last week he rolled out “Willie’s Rescue,” a new line of hemp CBD treats for dogs.

Proponents say they have all sorts of positive benefits, including reducing anxiety and soothing sore joints.


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Ex-NHL tough guy Darren McCarty says cannabis is a lifesaver

If you grew up a hockey fan in the 1990s, you’ll remember Detroit Red Wings tough guy Darren McCarty.

But all those fisticuffs can take a serious toll on a player. McCarty says weed saved him from alcoholism. And now he’s lending his name to a new cannabis company Pincanna to spread the word. McCarty will be promoting several of the company’s CBD-infused products and cannabis strains.

“I’m going to be the first athlete with a Stanley Cup and a Cannabis Cup,” McCarty is quoted as saying in the Detroit Free Press.

McCarty joins the growing list of ex-NHLers to believe in the power of weed. The NHLPA’s Alumni Association teamed up with Canopy Growth to study cannabis and concussions earlier this year.


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