Colorado Republican says dispensaries are stoking spiritual war – OK, sure

“Marijuana dispensaries are on the same streets as churches,” laments Doug Lamborn in a video posted by Right Wing Watch

CENTRAL CITY, COLORADO—OCTOBER 2017: One of the cobblestone streets with quaint buildings and American flags hanging outside in Central City, Colorado on a sunny day.



Republican Doug Lamborn is pretty much your standard-issue Republican. He’s pro-Trump, anti-immigrant, pro-gun, and anti-choice and thinks the oil and gas sector should not be regulated.

He also believes America is in the middle of spiritual war. And that cannabis dispensaries are stoking the fury.

“We need to look no further than our own streets to see the evidence of this conflict. Marijuana dispensaries are on the same streets as churches, [and] abortion clinics sit blocks away from pregnancy centres,” says Lamborn in a video that was posted to Twitter by Right Wing Watch.

OK, sure.

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