Chinese government warns its citizens living in Canada against edibles 

Authorities apparently believe an increase in weed being smuggled into China can be traced to all the stoners in Canada

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Edibles have been legal in Canada for less than a week, but you can’t buy them anywhere just yet. That won’t happen until regulations are passed sometime in December.

Still, the Chinese government is freaking out. It’s warning all Chinese citizens living in the country against eating edibles – and especially against bringing them back to China. 

Citizens were warned to “fully understand the harmfulness of cannabis products.” And that anyone caught trying to bring them back into China would be “dealt with.” That sounds ominous, considering that Canadians have recently been sentenced to death in China on drug smuggling charges. 

To be sure, China is not pleased about legalization in Canada. Earlier this year, China blamed Canada for the increase in cannabis consumption in the country. According to the government, that’s because “young people studying abroad are more vulnerable to Western subcultures.” 

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese authorities believe an increase in weed into China can be traced to all the stoners in Canada and the U.S., apparently. 

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