Celebrities know not to smoke Woody Harrelson’s weed

After taking a break from pot in 2017, the actor is back making good on his reputation as an OG user of cannabis

( Sept 7, 2012. Toronto, ON.) Actor Woody Harrelson attends the premiere of 'Seven Psychopaths' at the Ryerson Theatre during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.


Woody Harrelson is pretty open about being one of Hollywood’s OG stoners. He even has a story about smoking weed to level himself for a dinner with Donald Trump. (Which is exactly the way many of us handle dinner with parents.)

But his legend has just grown among all his Hollywood buddies struggling to keep up. 

Zoey Deutch, one of his co-stars in Zombieland 2: Double Tap, went on Jimmy Fallon recently and dished on Woody’s weed habit. That was after Fallon joked that everyone around his dressing room seemed “very chill.”

“By the way, PSA: If there’s one thing I learned from this movie, it’s do not smoke Woody Harrelson’s weed,” Deutch remarked.

Apparently, the star’s sessions are epic. “It’s like the Olympics of weed smoking,” Deutch said.

Harrelson confirmed as much when he appeared on Ellen the next night. 

What advice did he have for anyone about to light up with a Harrelson special? “You don’t want to half step.” 

Harrelson actually stopped smoking weed for a time in 2017. It was another OG, Willie Nelson, who reportedly turned him back on to grass.


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