It may be time to give your pipe a wash 

Turns out that temporary germophobia is actually a good health practice when it comes to smoking with a pipe


All cannabis smokers have some kind of rule that amounts to: please, for the love of god, do not slobber all over it. It applies equally to joints, vape pens, pipes and bongs.

And it turns out that temporary germophobia when it comes to a pipe is actually a good health practice.

A new study from Moose Labs in L.A. found that “a cannabis pipe… has on average almost one and a half times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.”

Even grosser? Most people don’t even take any precautions to make this less gross.

According to the study, “very few cannabis consumers take precautions when it comes to sharing pipes, as only 5 per cent of participants used available alcohol wipes to clean the pipe prior to consumption.”

So next time, maybe give your old faithful pipe a nice wash before you stick it in your mouth. 

Click here to download that study.