Cannabis packaging in the Netherlands will be required to be as ugly as possible

Dutch weed will need to be advertised only in black Helvetica font

Pile of medical cannabis dried buds scattered from nylon package on white background from above


Much has been made of Canada’s attempts to make cannabis packaging as boring as humanly possible. Strict advertising restrictions and a requirement to carry health warnings has seen to that.

But the Netherlands is taking packaging restrictions to another level. 

The country is embarking on a pilot project to allow 10 municipalities more autonomy over the regulation and production of cannabis. But the packaging regulations around the sale of cannabis will make Canada’s look flashy by comparison – Dutch weed will need to be advertised only in black Helvetica font. And be “free of all processing and branding which could make it more appealing.” 

As in Canada, packaging must contain a health warning. And won’t be allowed to make claims about the medicinal benefits of pot. 

But HELVETICA? This would mark the first time any state has come out with font restrictions around cannabis packaging. It raises another important question: how long before all weed packaging information must be written in Comic Sans? 


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