Video project aims to make cannabis more accessible to hearing impaired

The National Cannabis Disability Association wants to change the way people with disabilities interact with the cannabis industry

By Kieran Delamont


There is no sign in American Sign Language for “terpene,” or even for “hemp.”

When deaf people interact with the cannabis industry, it’s usually in person at dispensaries. But there, the language they speak is often completely inadequate to get them what they need. That’s an oversight, according to David Cabral, that only hurts the industry itself.

Cabral, founder of the National Cannabis Disability Association, wants to change that with a project called Sign of the Times.

The idea is to fund the creation of a video for deaf individuals to learn cannabis-related terms as well as a place to provide resources that can help deaf medpot patients.

Cabral is trying to raise the money on Go Fund Me, but without industry backing, it’s been a slog.

Cabral tells High Times that making the industry more accessible will only encourage more to participate.

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