Cannabis activists pass enormous joint to Congress 

It was part of a rally to pressure lawmakers into passing the SAFE Banking Act


“Congress, pass the joint!” Those were the words on a massive inflatable joint brought to Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Activists were there to pressure lawmakers into passing the SAFE Banking Act. The law would make it legal for big banks to do business with cannabis companies. Credit unions have already been handling banking for marijuana.

But the bill is now stuck in the Senate. And without a clear timeline for a vote, activists are complaining that Republicans would rather see the bill die on the vine.

“They’re making it a partisan issue,” said one organizer at the rally. 

The cannabis industry is now stuck in a holding pattern, waiting on Congress to act quickly – something that it is not known for doing. Unless, that is, there’s an oil-rich nation to invade. 

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non-voting House delegate representing the District of Columbia, raised safety concerns.

“It is important that those who are involved in marijuana trade not be carrying around socks of money,” she told Bloomberg News. 


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