Canadian bosses don’t want their employees using cannabis

And that goes for after work hours, too

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Cannabis is fun. Bosses are not always fun. And unfortunately for many Canadians who use cannabis, this second fact is harshing their work experience.

New research from the HR firm ADP reveals as much. It found that most companies, some 86 per cent, frown on their workers using cannabis. That includes on their own time after work. Only 8 per cent of companies surveyed say their employees are allowed to smoke weed.

While this might seem intuitive, it’s massively out of step with reality. That’s because many people use cannabis for medical reasons.

And despite concerns about legalization affecting workplace performance, the opposite is true. ADP’s study found that 70 per cent of Canadians feel that weed has no negative effect on their job performance. That number was lower – between 45 and 55 per cent – just a couple of years ago.

“There was a lot of uncertainty and hype leading up to cannabis legalization, but so far, cannabis has not had a noticeable impact on workplace performance,” says Hendrik Steenkamp, HR director at ADP. 

The situation could be improved if workplaces would just lay out clear policies “as well as provide training to identify and manage impairment,” says Steenkamp.

Read more on ADP’s findings here. 

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