Canada goes to the polls but does legalization still matter? 

It’s high time all parties became friendlier towards weed

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Despite legalizing weed a year ago, Canada’s political parties have been mum about the future of legalization during the recent election campaign. Only the Greens made explicit mention of it. The party pledged to remove taxes on weed for medpot patients.

But it could be a consequential year for the cannabis industry with the legalization of edibles around the corner. 

The Liberal Party, which was returned to power with a minority, are essentially planning to stay the course.

The New Democrats, which could hold the balance of power in the new parliament, have proposed the decriminalization of all drugs. 

The Conservatives, which make up the official opposition, at first signaled a plan to review legalization after five years. They quickly backtracked on that. But Conservative provincial governments have reliably privatized much of the industry.

Meanwhile, the separatist Bloc Quebecois, who will play an instrumental role in the new parliament, have cannabis producers in Quebec to think about. Perhaps it’s high time all parties became friendlier towards weed.


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