Can marijuana help avoid nuclear war?

It’s a burning question that needs to be asked after weed was discovered at a nuclear launch site in North Dakota this week

Nuclear power plant after sunset. Dusk landscape with big chimneys.


If all the nuclear launch site staff in the United States smoked up, would that help avoid nuclear war at the request of Donald Trump?

Could the Cold War have been avoided if everyone hit the bong and decided to chill out a little bit? Maybe before launching a nuclear bomb, everyone should take some time to reflect on the decision?

These are the burning questions being asked (mostly by me) after weed was discovered at Minot Air Force Base, a nuclear launch site in North Dakota, on Wednesday (October 23). 

The military confirmed the stash. But they’re not saying exactly how much weed they found, where it came from or what it was doing there. 

Let’s consider a few things, though. The first is that nuclear launch site staff are trained to follow an order from the president, no questions asked. The other is that during the Cold War, people in U.S. nuke bases regularly got jumpy about the prospect of having to fire at Russia. So is some weed really such a bad idea? 


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