Breaking Bad teams up with L.A. dispensary chain MedMen to promote Netflix movie

Could Blue Weed be closer than we think? 

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The official Breaking Bad Twitter account tweeted out a set of coordinates on Sunday.

When people followed them, they were directed to a MedMen cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. There, they got to meet Matt Jones, who plays Badger, a character on the show. Jones apparently “hung out and signed posters.” Cool. 

What exactly was the goal of this scavenger hunt? Apparently, it was to promote the upcoming Breaking Bad feature El Camino, which premieres on Friday (October 11).

But could a wider brand partnership between MedMen and the AMC series be in the offing? More importantly, would that mean MedMen might start selling Blue Weed that’s as notorious as the Blue Sky meth made famous by the show? No one is saying just yet.

But the affiliation seems a curious one for the series. The MedMen chain had reportedly been lobbying behind the scenes earlier this year against a measure in New York State to allow medpot patients to grow their own weed. The chain has denied the charge, but that didn’t stop producers of South Park from airing the controversy surrounding MedMen on a recent episode. The people demand answers.

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