American Eagle has a CBD line

And their products are shockingly affordable

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The one knock against CBD is that it’s often expensive as hell. A bottle can often cost you more than $100.

But now American Eagle, everyone’s favourite retailer of clothes worn by yacht club teens, high school burnouts and divorced dads, is getting in on the game with a line of CBD creams and bath oils. 

The line is called Mood, and the products (a whopping 45 of them) all include hemp CBD oil. They look like virtually every other CBD product on the market: bold typeface on plain packaging. But everything retails for under $20, which puts Mood among the most affordable CBD products on the market. 

In true American Eagle fashion, they are aiming for the not-quite-teen-but-not-quite-adult market.

A press release from the brand announces an ad campaign featuring “unscripted interviews from real kids talking about the pressure of everyday life and the self-care routines that help manage it.”

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