Weed stories to watch in 2020

We saw huge steps forward this year, but it’s in 2020 that legalization is expected to explode


Dreamy grow facility aims to offer the ultimate pot experience

The state-of-the-art grow, which will feature a spa and microbrewery, hopes to take advantage of its proximity to the wilds of Ontario’s most famous park


The 5 biggest stories in cannabis in 2019

Weed historians will look back at 2019 as the year that ganja consciousness grew in a big way


What’s Ontario got against cannabis workers?

Government lawyers are working with the agribusiness lobby to blunt efforts by United Food & Commercial Workers Canada to unionize workers


Long-shot bill to decriminalize pot passes key committee of Congress

But it’s the 2020 presidential election that could be the most consequential vote for legalization in the U.S.


Ontario’s war on legalization heats up

The government of the second-largest market for legal pot in the world seems keen on letting its own online sales arm wither and die


Europe’s legal pot paradox

The continent’s famously liberal attitude toward weed is not paralleled by a political tolerance for it


Ontario bans vape advertising 

The Ontario government is citing rising use among young people for the move


Bernie Sanders feels the burn to legalize weed

His plan includes $20-billion to set up a Minority Business Development Agency to provide grants to entrepreneurs of colour