Ontario Cannabis Store sells out of edibles in 15 minutes

Ontario’s cannabis retailer had taken its site offline to prep for its edibles rollout, but the amount of traffic still crashed the site


Cannabis shown to reduce risky binge drinking

A new study by researchers at Oregon State University suggests that legalizing marijuana has opened up alternatives to young people who might otherwise engage in unsafe drinking behaviour.


Is 2020 the year Canada grows too much pot?

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An outbreak of powdery mildew is messing with personal crops

Marijuana growing equipment suppliers in Toronto have been getting a steady stream of phone calls from people inquiring about the “white stuff” on their plants


Has the shine come off outdoor marijuana grows?

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The trouble with Joe Biden’s stance on legal weed

It may be fun to watch the presidential hopeful stumble through questions on marijuana legalization, but it seems he’s still fighting the War on Drugs


Wherever legalization goes, trouble follows for medical marijuana users

Governments don’t want to administer two distinct systems, so they write regulations that blanket both and leave medical marijuana users holding the bag


The cannabis industry’s money problems are starting to produce big casualties

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Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, strikes CBD deal 

It’s an unusual move since current NFL rules prohibit the use of CBD