Marijuana tycoons just bought one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic mansions

According to reports, Ennis House in Los Angeles sold to the founders of marijuana juggernaut Lord Jones for $18-million


Michael J. Fox calls on Congress to legalize medical marijuana 

The actor’s Parkinson’s foundation released a statement last week in support of “increased access to cannabis for medical research”


Yolo! vape pen pioneer facing 40 years

According to the Los Angeles Times, makers of the Yolo! brand were stuffing vapes with synthetic pot called K2 or Spice  


UK man says CBD oil – and dog worming medication – has stopped his bowel cancer

Scott Davis says he has surpassed his life expectancy using the concoction


Elon Musk’s blunt hit heard around the world 

It also cost U.S. taxpayers $5-million


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