The cannabis industry’s money problems are starting to produce big casualties

If declining stocks can cost the head of one of the few bright spots in the industry his job, where does that leave the rest of the business of bud?


Ontario bans vape advertising 

The Ontario government is citing rising use among young people for the move


First human trial will test cannabis as a treatment for side-effects from chemo

Among the most painful is taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects more than 67 per cent of women undergoing breast cancer treatment


Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, strikes CBD deal 

It’s an unusual move since current NFL rules prohibit the use of CBD


Can marijuana help avoid nuclear war?

It’s a burning question that needs to be asked after weed was discovered at a nuclear launch site in North Dakota this week


Cinnabon sues vape company LiquidChronic

The cinnamon bun conglomerate alleges LiquidChronic has besmirched the company’s good name by releasing a “cinnabon-flavoured” vape cartridge