I regret to inform you that Marky Mark wants to sell you weed water

The former Funky Bunch frontman – and better known these days as Mark Wahlberg – goes deep with CBD water


The cannabis business has its first billionaire 

And Forbes Russia reports that its Curaleaf chair Boris Jordan, whose company owns 45 dispensaries in the U.S.


Roxane Gay does edibles, calls cops on herself, pens wild essay about it

The prolific feminist author reportedly ate a second dose when the first wasn’t working fast enough before calling 911 – twice


New York Fashion Week shows off high fashion

Weed makes it onto the runway in designer Korto Momolu’s show

cannabis for sleep

Is Delhi, India the world’s hottest weed spot?

Delhi consumes a whopping ten times more weed than famous weed city Amsterdam


Weed is taking off in Thailand 

In the mid-2000s, the country took the so-called “war on drugs” literally, with over 2,800 reports of extrajudicial killings – now the government has legalized medical marijuana