Need Some Music To Listen To When High? Try These 5 Incredible EDM Albums

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is great music to listen to when high. It frequently gets described as technical, futuristic, grimy

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is great music to listen to when high. It frequently gets described as technical, futuristic, grimy or heavy among a few other terms. Contemporary EDM’s origins are in the 1990’s Europe and it includes many musical sub-genres such as techno, trance and dubstep.

Its primordial use of drum and bass makes experiencing EDM physical as much as it is audible, and certainly, make it great music to listen when high. The name ‘future metal’ has been used to describe some EDM sub-genres because of its style and the heavy sound that provides dancers with a high-energy and emotionally releasing experience.

Below are five great EDM albums full of great music to listen to when high, along with our recommendations for the best strain of cannabis to enjoy them with.

Rezz’s ‘Mass Manipulation’ (2017)

Mass Manipulation kicks off with a soothing, male voice encouraging you to focus on your breathing and let hypnosis loosen your entire body. “Relax,” the man whispers just prior to the music breaking and diving into hard, technical bass beats. This album urges you to switch off your mind and feel your body fill up with, and get moved by, upbeat, gritty music. The remainder of Mass Manipulation follows a similar trajectory as track one; navigating the line between meditative vibes and EDM. Rezz’s heavy, mesmerizing, futuristic sound gently pulls you in like quicksand, gently urging you along and reminding you to relax – just relax.

Our recommended cannabis strain to enjoy Rezz’s Mass Manipulation: Raspberry Kush

Bassnectar’s ‘Reflective’ Part 1 (2016) and Part 2 (2017)

Bassnectar has been producing music for fourteen years and has steadily ascended to the successful heights in the EDM scene. ‘Reflective’ is their latest, musical masterpiece, Part 2 being released in 2017. It reflects Bassnectar’s preference for seemingly effortless, but complex and structured music that engages the listener while immersing them in a futuristic musical experience. The bass-heavy album is a balance of spacey, techno sounds mashed with bold, hard and grimy breaks which leaves the listener with a gut feeling that demands rhythmic movement. ‘Reflective’ will certainly not disappoint you as you experience a musical world being built around you; inviting you to stay put and immerse yourself within it.

Our recommended cannabis strain to enjoy Bassnectar’s Reflective: Love Potion #1

Kai Wachi’s ‘Die Young’ EP (2017)

This may be short on tracks (it is an EP, remember, not an album), but the ‘Die Young’ EP is packed with Kai Wachi’s unique, distinctive style and sound. It provides the listener with a playful 20-minute vibe of solid and engaging EDM that will have you searching his discography for more of the same. ‘Die Young’ is bold enough to explore feelings and sounds ranging from impulsive melodies to harsh drops that will leave you feeling them deep inside. The album utilizes a variety of instruments above eclectically techno beats. The result is a complex creation that will keep listeners mesmerized as to what comes next.

Our recommended cannabis strain to enjoy Kai Wachi’s ‘Die Young’ EP: Supernatural

Ill-Esha’s ‘Open the Vault’ (2017)

‘Open the Vault’ is a lighthearted and spirited vibe that lets it stand out among its EDM counterparts. Ill-Esha’s distinctive style of music fusion is on full display as she conjures a soundscape that uncovers floaty, creative melodies mashed with metallic, techno beats. The pinnacle of this musical experience is Ill-Esha’s harmonic timber, as she overlays it onto certain tracks; reminding the listener of what makes her stand out. Eclectic rhythms, deep bass beats, and enchanting melodies make ‘Open The Vault’ feel like a refreshing drink of cool clear water, suddenly infused with a mind-altering cocktail.

Our recommended cannabis strain to enjoy Ill-Esha’s ‘Open The Vault’: Morning Glory

Helicopter Showdown’s ‘There The Vultures Will Gather’ (2016)

‘There The Vultures Will Gather’ entrees with an airy, transcendental montage of music and far-off voices before diving suddenly, and without mercy, into heavy, gritty beats. Helicopter Showdown has blended these two elements effortlessly; throwing light, tinkling melodies atop of dirty, bass-laden breaks. The outcome makes ‘There The Vultures Will Gather’ full of wild, bold music capable of whipping up an energetic dance frenzy in anyone.

Our recommended cannabis strain to enjoy Helicopter Showdown’s ‘There The Vultures Will Gather’: Dutch Haze

So, there you have five great albums full of great music to listen to when high. Enjoy the vibe.

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