Molecule Holdings unveils Embody as new addition to cannabis beverage brands

The Landsdowne, Ontario-based company focuses on the Canadian beverage market.

With its CBD content, Embody offers a new option for health- and wellness-conscious consumers.


Molecule Holdings Inc. believes that the future of cannabis is in beverages.

Understandably, the Landsdowne, Ontario-based company has focused its business on a single category, which is in cannabis beverages.

Molecule has three brands, which will become four in the spring of 2022.

There’s Phresh, which fills the sparkling waters category with its THC serving.

For coffee and tea drinkers, Molecule offers Cannajo, with varying contents of THC and CBD.

In the non-alcoholic category or mocktails, consumers can opt for the Klon, which features a balanced THC and CBD content.

Joining the family in the spring is Embody, a CBD beverage oriented for health- and wellness-conscious imbibers.

Molecule CEO David Reingold stated in a media release Wednesday (January 12) that the upcoming launch of Embody comes as “CBD forward trends continue to pick up steam”.

“Our continued brand development focuses on ideas that compliment but don’t compete,” Reingold said.

Including Embody, the company’s beverages “all focus on important areas but very different consumer groups”.

“The ultimate goal is for Molecule to emerge as a complete solution for the growing category,” Reingold said.

Molecule trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol MLCL.

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