Movement to legalize psilocybin mushrooms

Psychedelics are increasingly being talked about as the next frontier of legalization


Weed could be the next great spicy food remedy 

Cannabis may be useful in reversing the sting of capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers that makes them spicy


New cannabis oil claims to eliminate paranoia 

Researchers say they’ve discovered a formulation for weed oil that insulates users from anxiety and other side effects of cannabis

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Doctors are now suggesting that you pick up a joint 

If you’re going to smoke, hit the joint instead of the vape. 


Grow-op busted in Spain after showing up on a cycling race broadcast

+ the DEA defends its schwag and Mike Tyson wants to be the face of weed in Sin City


Former Trump mistress Stormy Daniels selling CBD lube

+ Rush frontman Geddy Lee wants to overgrow the planet and an app to help you control your pot use