Cannabis master grower: salary and career path

So you feel that you’re a natural when it comes to having a green thumb?


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Do you think of yourself as a natural when it comes to having a green thumb? Do you want to try your hand at growing marijuana because you it could potentially be a lucrative market to explore? Here is a typical scenario: An aspiring grower decides to break into the field assuming that the sale price of marijuana will match black market prices. Chances are that may not necessarily be the case.

The stark reality is the government in sees cannabis as a potential cash cow, which is causing supply and demand to run wild. This will ultimately lead to a drop in price. As a result, you’ll end up with market that is over-saturated with marijuana meaning that either only a corporation or a highly skilled grower will survive. For small marijuana growers the chances of getting rich are quite slim. Why? The situation breaks down into a few fundamental components: On one hand, you have your initial investment, which, in all likelihood, you may not see a profit on for at least a year. You then have your overhead to consider, which could be high. You also have your electricity bill to factor in. In the end, consider yourself lucky if you manage to break even by paying your utility bills and perhaps your property tax bills.

A master grower is someone who has the requisite experience and education necessary in order to cultivate marijuana on an industrial scale. Inherent in this career path is the knowledge of how to breed plant strains. It’s only through education and experience that a master grower can acquire the comprehensive knowledge necessary to thoroughly understand the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant – the appropriate lighting conditions, sufficient water supply and nutrients necessary for the success of a healthy crop strain. Then there are incidentals like pests and infestations etc. The water supply must be carefully monitored otherwise you will get crop rot. A master grower will know how to grow both hydroponically in a controlled indoor environment (also possibly using a grow tent) and in outdoor soil. They’ve perfected and fine-tuned the art of cloning their plants and understand each and every variable that must be accounted for in producing a successful crop and particular strain.

It should come as no surprise that becoming a master grower is one of the most coveted jobs within the cannabis industry. With an average yearly salary of around $60,000-$100,000, a master grower won’t necessarily get super-rich but can rest assured that quite comfortable life lies ahead. This is one of the most highly respected positions in the cannabis industry.

Bear in mind that growing cannabis on a commercial scale is considerably different than growing a few plants as a leisurely pastime hobby. When you consider the numbers of growing well over 100+ plants, honing the art of growing a successful crop will take a significant amount of time. As any experienced master grower will tell you, consistently growing a healthy, successful large-scale crop is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Much like a brewmaster, master growers that have been working for many years perfect their craft over time.

Suffice to say that today’s master growers often carry a master’s degree in horticulture or botany. However, there are the true marijuana pioneers who do have a master grower status but don’t have the formal education to back them up. If you are truly serious about becoming a proficient marijuana grower with your ultimate goal of becoming a master grower, there are many certification programs one can take to achieve this objective.


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