Guide: How to legally purchase marijuana seeds

Buying cannabis seeds is illegal, even in states that have already legalized cannabis for recreational as well as medicinal purposes



Springtime is the right time to start getting your outdoor garden ready for planting. But before you get your garden ready for the upcoming season, it is important to stay up-to-date with current marijuana seeds law to make sure you are growing within the confines of regulation. Here is everything that you should know when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds with the intention to grow.

Buying marijuana seeds remains illegal until federal prohibition has been lifted

At the present moment, buying cannabis seeds is deemed illegal, even in states that have already legalized cannabis for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. Ultimately, this will remain an illegal endeavour until the federal prohibition against marijuana has been lifted. Currently, every purchase of marijuana seeds is subject to the national anti-cannabis laws. The difference is that some transactions have a greater probability of being prosecuted in comparison to others.

If a dispensary in Colorado were to buy marijuana seeds from Florida, that would be illegal. This is because large-scale transactions of the product – like seeds being transferred from one state to another – is precisely the type of transaction that is more likely to garner the attention of federal authorities. While weed is legal in Colorado for adult personal use, as well as in Florida for medicinal purposes, it is still not legal at the national level. As such, exporting the product between states would still be a practice that can be considered a federal crime.

Ultimately, any transaction that has to do with cannabis is considered to be illegal according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). However, the federal government has gone on to say that the enforcement of marijuana-related laws in states where it is legal will be less of a priority. Jeff Sessions, the attorney general from 2017 to 2018, later went back on that claim by stating that the enforcement of these laws is still a main priority of the DEA. It is not known whether his successor will share the same view.

As of now, it is most likely alright to purchase marijuana seeds that are in-state (cannabis seeds located within your state or town from a source also located in the area) in so far as you are careful to follow the regulations set forth by the government in your area. Due to the variation of these laws between states, it is important to find the regulations of your specific location rather than assuming laws among states are uniform. Be sure to reference the rules outlined by your area’s marijuana regulators.

If you would like to purchase marijuana seeds legally, there are a few options.

One way is to go to a local dispensary. This is among the safest ways to do so but is also likely to be the most limited as supply runs low. Moreover, the seeds available are likely to be sparse because there are other products that need to be sold.

Another option would be to ask a friend. If they happen to be growing weed and are still in possession of the seeds it is possible they can spare some for you. Please note that while a friend can give you seeds, it is still illegal to pay them for the seeds unless your friend has acquired a retail license for cannabis. Further, it is advisable to check if your state and municipality accept this form of transaction.

If these do not work out, you may want to consider going to a cannabis festival. These festivals have a plethora of vendors that sell seeds in order to gain publicity as well as to obtain some money in a quick manner. There is even a chance you may land some free products if you are lucky.

Lastly, you can look into cannabis farmer’s markets to see if local producers band together and sell seeds (as long as it is registered through the local government).

Purchasing marijuana seeds from another state can land you is some trouble

As previously mentioned, while you can legally buy cannabis seeds locally, it is not legal to purchase seeds from another state and bring them into your own, even if cannabis is legal in both states. While it is not easy for the feds to regulate and enforce penalties for the buying and selling of marijuana seeds online, it is still under federal jurisdiction. This means that you can be subjected to federal prosecution, which you should avoid. This type of transaction is also illegal when conducted by mail, so your best bet is to steer clear of this entirely for the moment.

Now, another important scenario to consider is that you may have gone to Colorado for a trip where you decided to purchase marijuana seeds that you intend to bring with you on your flight back home. If this is the case, it is crucial to note that this plan is also illegal as you are not allowed to board your flight while in possession of cannabis. This is also the case if you have chosen to drive home from Colorado because it is once again an illegal practice to take marijuana across state lines. Overall, according to state laws, you are prohibited from crossing the border while in possession of weed.

If you have been caught breaking these rules, you risk a prison sentence of up to five years along with a $250,000 fine as the minimum penalty of a first offence. When that is put into perspective, the risk really is not worth the reward.

Simply put, if the purchase necessitates the seeds or another marijuana-related product crossing state lines then it is illegal. Buying locally from a licensed vendor is ideal as it is in line with the marijuana seeds laws in the United States and is unlikely to get you into problems with the U.S. DEA.

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