Marijuana Edibles And Side Effects That People Ignore

With the rising acceptance of cannabis use, it is no surprise that the industry has also made a big shift

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With the rising acceptance of cannabis use, it is no surprise that the industry has also made a big shift towards using edibles. Without much regulation on the use of edibles, many people don’t realize what they are getting themselves into before they consume a whole cannabis-infused brownie or candy, or the lingering side-effects that they can cause.

Puzzled Glands

Cottonmouth is a well-known side effect of consuming a cannabis-infused edible. What people might not know though, is that having little or no saliva is actually caused by having too much THC. It inhibits the submandibular gland that tells the body to produce saliva and this is what causes the dry mouth.

Hallucinatory Issues

It’s no surprise that edibles have an effect on the brain, but not many realize just how dangerous that effect can be. Some people that ingest too many edibles start to hallucinate. This can then lead to excessive fear which can then lead to hyperventilation. Hyperventilation can turn disastrous if it persists.

Paranoia And Anxiety

A high that makes you happy is what everyone wants. That is the goal of smoking it, but there is reportedly a higher chance of feeling worse than feeling great. Cannabis can produce anxiety and it is especially worse for people that already have a pre-existing condition related to it. People without anxiety are not protected from these effects, it just happens at a higher rate to those that are already dealing with it.

Skin Problems

Because of the rise in testosterone in the body from using cannabis, it causes the oil glands in the skin to create more than they are supposed to. In turn, this leads to acne breakouts. It can also potentially age the skin at a faster rate than non-users.

Respiratory Issues

No one would think that respiratory problems are to be concerned with overeating something. Various reports have revealed that ingesting edibles can cause respiratory problems in children. If they look like gummies, children will not know the difference.

Too Long Of A High

An edible generally lasts longer than a high that is produced from smoking or vaping. They contain a larger level of THC which takes the body longer to metabolize it, thus causing the longer high. So, if you are planning on being productive or going to work on a particular day, be prepared for a high that might laster over 5 hours. A downside of a long high is that if the high is an unpleasant one, then you will be stuck in that mindset for longer than you may like.

Cannabis and Lethargy

You may have noticed that after your high, you will start to feel drowsy. This can affect your day and have dangerous consequences if you are using tools, driving a vehicle, or participating in activities that require high manual dexterity. It is best to plan ahead when considering the use of edibles.

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