Make the most out of your cannabis use with these 3 free apps

From strains to games to growing advice, the range of apps geared to cannabis users has grown significantly over the last few years, with more new start-ups entering the scene each month.

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From strains to games to growing advice, the range of apps geared to cannabis users has grown significantly over the last few years, with more new start-ups entering the scene each month.

While some are obvious additions to any cannabis enthusiast’s smartphone (Leafly, Weedmaps, to name a few), we’ve recently learned about three apps that go far beyond the business listings model and into a realm that can actually improve a user’s personal experiences with cannabis.

PotBot: For finding the right strains

This virtual budtender was first introduced to the market by PotBotics in 2016, and it makes selecting the right varieties of medical marijuana easier than ever.

Essentially a personalized guide, the app’s easy set-up will ask you about the conditions you’re looking to treat and how often you use cannabis, before providing you with a cannabinoid recommendation that is best suited to treat your conditions.

In the app’s Cannabinoid Overview menu, users are given guidelines as to how much of a given cannabinoid they might want to consume, and additional information about the effects of those cannabinoids. When navigating to the app’s Recommended Strains tab, you’ll find suggestions from Potbot that are in line with your cannabinoid recommendations.

It also provides users with information about consumption methods, and lists local dispensaries and cannabis-friendly doctors.

The only bummer? We were choked to learn that Potbot’s location services and listings are only available in the United States.

But, at the very least, it can still serve to be a useful resource north of the border if you’re interested in learning more about varieties of cannabis that might be better suited to your body. We’d recommend it to cannabis users who might be new to the plant and are looking to dive in with both feet.

Otherwise, it’s definitely a recommended download for your next trip to Seattle or Portland. (But to do beware of border guards looking to snoop through your phone.)

Strainprint: For logging your sessions

If PotBot is best for new cannabis users, than Strainprint’s tracking and recommendation system is likely better suited to those who are already using cannabis regularly, but want to use it more efficiently.

Strainprint’s list of specific conditions and symptoms is more comprehensive than any we’ve seen in an app before, which means its suggestions are also that much more specific. Your first step is to enter that data. (If you’re using recreationally, there’s a button for that, too.)

Instead of launching right into a list of varieties that might work best for you, Strainprint asks what you’re already using. Users can make their selections from a list that features strains offered by Canadian licensed producers, and a few that can be found at local dispensaries (though the specific grower and dispensary is not listed).

Now that you’ve entered what you’re already using, you’re ready to get started. Next time you’re about to consume cannabis, open Strainprint and click ‘Track Session’. Then the app will ask you what symptoms you might be treating, and to rate their severity from one to 10.

Finally, select the strain you’re about to use, how you’re using it, and the quantity. In 20 minutes, the app will send you an alert and ask you a series of questions to assess your high.

Here’s another reason to love Strainprint: Every session earns you loyalty points, which can in time be exchanged for cool gear like grinders and vaporizers.

After a few sessions, you can check out your personalized Strainprint in the Snapshot menu.

While we love the app’s simple user interface and comprehensive set of tools, our only gripe is that you can’t enter your own varieties of cannabis. Otherwise, this app is a great way of weeding out (no pun intended) strains that don’t create the desired effect.

High There!: For making new friends

Here’s a question for cannabis users: How many times has a date taken a turn for the worse after you’ve been open about using cannabis?

Better yet, how many potential Tinder match-ups have you missed out on because your profile says that you’re ‘4/20 friendly’?

Granted, living in Vancouver means that stigma is at least lower than in other parts of the world, but it still exists.

Thankfully, High There! has stepped in to give cannabis users who are looking to connect another option. If you described it to a friend as Tinder for cannabis users, you wouldn’t be too far off.

First, it will ask about consumption: Do you like to smoke, vape, consume edibles, dab, or all kinds?

High There! will also ask how you like your cannabis, with options that include indica, hybrid, sativa, flower, shatter, blunts, joints, vape, and glass, and users aren’t limited to picking just one.

Next, it inquires about what you’re into (the outdoors, music, TV/movies, culture, and more), and what you’re seeking on the app (smoking buds, strictly platonic, relationship, friends, or ‘see what happens’).

Upload some of your best selfies, add a description, hit ‘Meet People’, and you’re ready to go.

The app will match you up with people in your area based on your smoking preferences and other interests that you might have in common.

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