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Cannabis for Sleep: Will it Promote Sufficient Rest?

How cannabis is changing the alchemy for sound sleep

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Tommy Chong: A Revolutionary Life

“The Edmonton-born, Grammy-award-winning comedian continues to be an important advocate for the cannabis movement.”


Cannabis in the Workplace: What Does it Actually Mean to be Impaired?

For me, cannabis reduces the intrusive thoughts from my obsessive-compulsive disorder. This frees up my cognitive space so I can better focus, communicate and work. So when am I impaired: when I’m on my medication or when I’m off it?

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Grow with the Flow: How to Grow Cannabis at Home

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It’s not a heart attack: chest pain from smoking weed

There is actually very little known about the effects of cannabis on the body’s most important organ, the heart

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Weed Headache? Why Cannabis Can Make Your Head Hurt

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