A Joint Rolling Machine is a Lazy Smoker’s Best Friend

Whether it’s slippery paper or sticky fingers, sometimes it can feel impossible to roll your cannabis into a perfect joint

Joints from a joint rolling machine

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We’ve all been there: trying to roll a joint but feeling like the universe is working against you. Whether it’s slippery paper or sticky fingers, sometimes it can feel impossible to roll your cannabis into a perfect joint. Steps in, the joint rolling machine.

The Machine of Your Dreams

Luckily, smokers have plenty of other options with the rise of pre-rolled cones and even fully loaded pre-rolled joints – not to mention, vaporizers, one-hitters and other fancy devices to help you get high.

But if you’re determined to smoke your weed as Mother Nature intended, then a joint rolling machine can be your best friend.

The small gadget originally used for tobacco has been around for a long time.

“Even the best rollers might have an off day,” says Chris Nikolaidis, shop manager at Toronto’s Friendly Stranger. “I’m very heavy-handed, so I tend to rip my papers when I’m rolling them.”

But a rolling machine means a perfect joint pretty much all the time.

Nikolaidis has been using rolling machines for over a decade, and even though he often consumes cannabis other ways, such as using a bong or pipe, rolled joints are still one of the most convenient ways to enjoy cannabis socially.

Ease and Consistency

“If I want to go out at night and hang out with some friends, I’m able to make a bunch of pre-rolls very easily in a short amount of time,” he says.

A consistent roll is important if you want your joint to burn right. However, rolling machines can be finicky. There are a few tricks to getting all the steps right.

joint rolling machine joint pre roll

For instance, if the rolling paper isn’t inserted correctly, it can get gummed up or your cannabis can end up getting rolled too tightly.

Nikolaidis, who teaches many first-time users how to roll at the store using Friendly Strangers’ herb blend, says people often make the mistake of not filling the rolling machine with enough cannabis.

Which Rolling Paper to Use?

“The paper compensates by rolling tighter and tighter, and you get a super skinny joint you can’t even draw from,” he explains.

It’s also important to note which brand and type of rolling paper you are using. Many joint rolling machines are better suited to specific paper sizes. Most of them are branded by rolling paper companies, such as Zig-Zag, Smoking and Raw.

While they may all look the same, Nikolaidis says they come in acrylic, wood or metal frames and have a different feel. They’re all priced between $5 and $7, so if you don’t love the one you’re using, it isn’t too much of an investment to try another.

Besides being beneficial to people who are new to smoking cannabis, joint rolling machines are also popular with medical marijuana users and those who don’t enjoy full dexterity.

With new gadgets and artistically designed devices for consuming cannabis popping up almost daily, it might seem unnecessary to purchase yet another. But for those who love to smoke, a joint rolling machine can help ensure you’re enjoying the best joint possible.

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