Tips for lengthening the lifespan of your cannabis edibles

If you want edibles to last, make sure the food they’re mixed into has a long shelf life

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There are many different ways to consume cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, even use it in oil form. One long-standing favourite among cannabis users is to consume an edible. First, you bake cannabis into a brownie or some such item, and then you eat it. It’s as simple as that! Edibles are also popular because they can be very strong – so strong, in fact, that smoking weed can seem weak afterwards.

When figuring out how long edibles last, we need to look at a few factors. First is the type of cannabis. Second is the type of food surrounding the cannabis. And last but not least is the storage method. 

The potency of edibles

Studies have shown that the potency of edibles decreases at one of the slowest rates of all cannabis products. Some consumers have reported edibles that retained their potency levels for an entire year. So the potency of edibles is stable, and is a factor you don’t really need to worry about. 

The lifespan of edibles

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A cannabis-infused cookie or brownie will go bad just as quickly as a regular cookie or brownie. If you want your edibles to last a long time, make sure the food they’re mixed into has a long shelf life. For example, because candy lasts for years, many cannabis creators use it for their infusions. As previously mentioned, the potency won’t wear off, and the candy won’t go bad. It’s a win!

How to store edibles

The first and most important step is to put the edibles in a nontransparent container. Excessive exposure to light will harm your product and make it go bad faster. Second, keep it in the fridge, away from any high-output light bulbs. A fridge is designed to keep food fresh –and edibles will last only as long as the food they’re based on. 

One very useful tip is to write the date the edibles were made on their container or packaging. This allows you to keep track of everything you have in your fridge. 

Speaking of containers, plastic ones are not necessarily the best choice. They work, but vacuum-sealable bags work even better. This is because airtight bags reduce the amount of air exposure the weed is subject to, thus increasing its lifespan. 

Another handy bit of knowledge is that when you consume the edible, rip pieces off with your hands or a fork instead of with your teeth. Using your teeth exposes the edible to bacteria, and increases the rate at which it declines in value. 

Checking for mold

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When figuring out whether cannabis is still good to consume, make sure to check for mold. Mold is often grey or black. Consuming an edible contaminated with mold can make you very sick. Some people claim that heating the edible up above 212 degrees Fahrenheit will cure it of mold contamination. This might work, but it is not a sure fix. 

A final thought

Before using cannabis of any kind, be sure to check up on the legalities surrounding it in your country or region. This article is not intended as legal advice, nor is it a valid excuse for a violation of the law.


  • Fiona March 27, 2020 09:31 AM

    I think you need to make a distinction with candy. Gummies, if stored at room temperature can sweat and can go moldy so they should be stored in a fridge. However even that does not give them a long storage time and they should be checked before consuming. Hard candies are different, less water content and longer storage time. My 2cents.

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