5 Best Independent Hydroponic Stores Located in Massachusetts

We have created a list of our top five choices of independent grow shops ranging from the Berkshires all the way to the Cape.

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Assuming that you have thought about growing your own marijuana from home, you will likely have realized that certain gear is required to grow effectively. Items such as light, nutrients, fans, grow tents and various other supplies are of course useful, however, they are not the only factor in growing your crops correctly. Questions regarding issues such as the acidity of the soil, or top of the line organic nutrients are not things you can just find anywhere, which is precisely what makes a local grow shop an essential resource if you chose to grow marijuana in the comfort of your own home.

The good news is that there are many new grows stores that continue to be established. While this can make the choice of which one to go to more difficult. We have created a list of our top five choices of independent grow shops ranging from the Berkshires all the way to the Cape.

Rootdown Hydroponics

If you have ever wondered “what are the best hydroponics stores near me?” Rootdown Hydroponics is an excellent choice. The store opened back in 2010 and is located just outside of Boston with a fully female-owned establishment. While it is a go-to for all things related to indoor growing, where it really sets itself apart is the classes it offers on the topics of cultivation and other useful skills. There is even a free introductory class for beginners who are unsure if they would like to attend the full course. This allows individuals who are interested in the subject to learn more from those with first-hand experience. Moreover, with the special the store provides to its customers each month, along with their expert staff and charismatic owner, it is a fantastic spot to visit if you can.

Emerald City Indoor Gardening

Located in Westminster, this store is ideal for individuals who reside in the Northern area of Massachusetts. Emerald City Indoor Gardening is a family operated business with extremely fair prices and staff that really know their stuff. Moreover, like family, they will even help you transport your purchases to your vehicle once you are done. This can be a lifesaver given that sometimes items such as a bag of soil or container of nutrients can sometimes be difficult to carry alone. You can also expect a quick and simple return procedure that can be very beneficial for beginners, as well as a staff that is ready, willing, and able to answer all your questions and concerns to ensure your growth goes smoothly.

Western Mass Garden Supply

Western Mass Garden Supply in Greenfield opened a few years back during the initial stages of marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. At the time, there were no equivalent stores within a 30-mile radius, meaning there was a clear demand to be filled. This is when two local men working in green construction began its journey, filling the store with various customer favourites that make them come back for more. The owners Joshua Lagreze and Chance Strom have a great reputation among customers as well, being described as making the customers feel very comfortable and eager to answer any questions they may have with top-notch advice.

Berkshire Hydroponics

Anyone living in Massachusetts’ western hills should look into Berkshire Hydroponics located in Pittsfield. Their establishment is also known for having some amazing deals on their products for being a local grow shop and also takes treating the customers with care and respect the main priority. Like Emerald City, this is yet another family-run business that began in 2014. Customers claim that they appreciate the workshops they provide and the knowledge they can gain from the staff and owner Tim Mack. Further, while the name of the store mentions hydroponics, the store carries items for all forms of growers, ranging from soil, water, and anything in between.

New Farm

The fifth and final entry on this list is none-other the family-owned New farm based in Orleans on Cape Cod. The great thing about New farm is that while not be an establishment that is solely focused on cannabis, the quality of their products is up there with the best of them. When shopping here, you can find a vast selection of supplies that are needed for growing, as well as excellent advice when it comes to the topic of hydroponics. However, unlike the other stores that have been featured on this list, New Farm offers other special items for purchase as well. As a little bonus, unlike many other stores, they even sell baby chicks if that is something that you would like to give a try. In addition, for those interested in creating their own food and beverages, they also sell the necessary items that are required in order to begin making homemade beer, wine and cheese for a plethora of options.

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