Hungover From Weed?

Read This Now To Find Out If Weed Hangovers Really Exist. For some people, it is a common occurrence, whilst

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Read This Now To Find Out If Weed Hangovers Really Exist.

For some people, it is a common occurrence, whilst for others, it remains an unproven phenomenon, but the ‘weed hangover’ may be more widespread than you think.

Being hungover from cannabis can have a range of effects on you from mild headache to complete brain ‘fog’. However, to fully understand this discomfort, it is essential to delve into the various studies that have been carried out on it. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the symptoms associated with ‘weed hangovers’ and dispel some of the common misconceptions and rumors around the subject.

Studies Into Cannabis Hangovers

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Given the prohibition that cannabis users have been inflicted with, it is hardly surprising that widespread research has yet to be conducted in this area. However, there are a few studies that can be referenced in addition to a large amount of anecdotal evidence.

One study published in 1985, is probably the most well-known piece of research into the subject. A total of 13 subjects, all of whom were male, were tested for the effects of smoking cannabis compared to a placebo. Each participant was presented with a number of tasks, having smoked their ‘joint’, such as sorting cards and recalling information. The subjects were re-tested, having had a night’s sleep, and researchers noted residual effects in the cannabis-smokers only. These findings suggest that smoking marijuana can produce hangover effects on the morning after smoking. The extent and nature of these findings remain to be determined, as do their practical implications. The study concluded that the results were significant with a P-value of less than 0.05. However, the study group was relatively small and contained only males, which leaves definite scope for refinement.

A further study from 1998, again with a small number of participants (only 10 this time) assessed the residual effects that smoking one joint had on users. The conclusion was that the residual effects were minimal and, whilst it was claimed the results were significant, the sample group size was small and lacked diversity.

The majority of people quoting anecdotal evidence supporting the reality of the ‘weed hangover’ claim that they had suffered one from a much higher level of consumption compared to the two studies detailed above. This seems to be particularly the case when it comes to RSO and edibles.

Whilst some evidence does exist supporting these anecdotal accounts, more structured research is needed to understand the phenomenon fully.

What Weed Products Give You Hangovers?

Like those induced by alcohol, marijuana hangovers are generally linked to over-consuming. But, what is over-consumption?

Cannabis is a unique plant and, depending on the strain; a person’s tolerance levels; its THC content; a person’s body chemistry; will affect everyone in different ways. What’s too much for one person is not enough for another, so the mantra of ‘start low and go slow’ is a wise one to follow.

Many who have suffered bad cannabis hangovers have reported that they came about as a result of consuming extracts or edibles. More traditional cannabis consumption methods like smoking do not seem to have the same number of occurrences. One reason for this could be that it is more easy to over-consume edibles that it is with smoke.

Taking this into consideration, many sufferers might find that their symptoms are due to waking up with a long-lasting high caused by the slow metabolizing of the edibles in their system. But, whatever method of cannabis consumption is causing these ‘weed hangovers’, reducing the amount consumed may lesson the effects.

Are Marijuana Hangovers Caused By Dehydration?

Some people believe that most of the anecdotal evidence around marijuana hangovers is actually referring to dehydration. Other people believe that cannabis is no more dehydrating than alcohol; exaggerated claims according to the contrary thinkers. Despite dehydration being a well-known side effect of both alcohol and cannabis consumption, there is no scientific proof to support either view outright.

What many people may mistakenly classify as dehydration is simply a case of having a dry mouth, or ‘cottonmouth’. The two are unrelated; ‘cottonmouth’ occurs due to a lack of saliva in the mouth; dehydration is much more serious body fluid condition.

So, why does ‘cotton mouth’ occur? Studies show that THC attaches to saliva glands in the mouth, temporarily halting saliva production. This results in a dry and uncomfortable feeling in the mouth that is a common experience among the cannabis community.

Although consuming marijuana may not directly cause dehydration, it is recommended that users should be aware of the importance of staying hydrated whilst smoking

Studies into dehydration indicate that a significant percentage of Americans do not consume sufficient water each day to stay hydrated. Dehydration can worsen many medical issues and in some cases can lead to nullifying the effect of medical cannabis.

An example of this is from an article from May 2016 in which the importance of staying hydrated during cannabis treatment of back pain was highlighted. Authored by a cannabis user, the article states that despite cannabis offering much longer pain relief than prescription medicines, the pain was still experienced. Having investigated the issue further, the author narrowed the cause down to dehydration and, having adjusted their water intake, the issue was resolved.

Although there is no formal evidence directly linking marijuana to dehydration, many of the ‘weed hangover’ symptoms can be avoided by an increase in water consumption

What Are The Symptoms Of ‘Weed Hangovers?

The most common symptoms reported by sufferers of the ‘weed hangover’ are:

  • Brain Fog
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dry Eyes

As none of the studies mentioned so far have considered every one of these symptoms, anecdotal user reporting is the basis for the information gathered so far. So, it is likely that other factors are involved, but without proper medical studies, it is difficult to assess the validity of many claims. Certainly, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence and shared user experience to merit a serious conversation on the subject.

In the meantime, try dealing with the symptoms a little better.

Fatigue and Brain Fog

Wakening with a feeling of grogginess, feeling unfocused and feeling dazed and you can say that your experiencing Fatigue and Brain Fog. These symptoms can make it difficult to get on with your day, so here are a few things that might help you snap out of it in the morning:

  • Movement. Standing in front of the mirror staring at yourself for hours is not going to get your day going. Take yourself for a short walk a ease yourself into a better feeling.
  • Cold Shower. This will give you a refreshing jolt back into reality and bring you back to your senses.
  • Adjust your Diet. Maybe not for right now, but for the next time try adjusting your diet to be more healthy and also stay hydrated. This will help you cope better in the ‘weed hangover’ situation.
  • Stimulation. If you need an extra boost, try some caffeine to kick start your day.


Headaches are another very common symptom of marijuana hangovers. As we’ve already stated, many people attribute this to dehydration but without qualified medical evidence linking cannabis to dehydration, we cannot be sure. It is possible that consuming cannabis in large quantities can lead to neglect in remaining hydrated.

Regardless of the cause, remaining hydrated is important, as are these three treatments for headaches:

  • Cold compression.
  • Temple massage.
  • Non prescription medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen and such like.


Feeling nauseous is another common symptom of cannabis hangovers, although it appears to be much less common. It can be very unpleasant, though, and sometimes the only cure is to lie down and take it easy. Eating something light and staying hydrated will also help, as could anti-nausea medications. In extreme cases, seek medical advice from your doctor.

Dry Eyes

When you consume cannabis, chances are that sometime you will suffer from signature “red eyes” which are a result of ocular capillary dilation brought on by THC. For most people this will clear up relatively quickly and, if it does linger, you can always try some eye drops to aid recovery and keep your eyes moist.
Existence of the ‘weed hangover’ will remain a topic of debate among the cannabis community for a long time. It is only when this debate is moved to a wider scientific audience that there will be a chance to deal with it properly.

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