How to weigh cannabis properly: A detailed guide

Knowing measurements and how to do conversions without an app is a simple skill every smoker should learn

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A lot of cannabis users aren’t aware of the basic conversions for the amounts they are purchasing, such as how many grams are in an ounce and how many ounces are in a pound. Understanding the amount acquire and how to turn one measurement into another will help save money down the road when you buy cannabis.

Mixing up numbers can create confusion with scaling, which includes rounding down as a rule of thumb. Online converters can make the process easier, but knowing how to do conversions without an app is a simple skill every smoker should learn.

How many grams in a pound of cannabis?

How many grams is in a pound of weed? A gram is generally the tiniest unit of measurement and is the most widely used in the cannabis world. It’s the typical measurement a casual user might use when rolling a joint. Ounces come after grams, but this is where things get weird. Dealers and dispensaries have long been selling weed in ounces that total approximately 28 grams. Twenty-eight grams is a fairly easy number to cut in half at 14 grams and into quarters at seven grams and so on.

The downside is these fractions aren’t the most accurate. While 28 grams is the measurement most commonly used, the extra .35 grams that are supposed to be included are missing. It might not seem like much, but it can add up if you keep buying ounces and miss that little bit each time. Heavy cannabis users can easily smoke an ounce a week, and if you tally that up over a year that’s 18 grams missing. 

The confusion surrounding the rounding process doesn’t stop there. When we round, 16 ounces equals a pound, times 28 grams in an ounce, which comes to 448 grams in a pound. By rounding to the specific weight of an ounce, 16 ounces becomes 453.592 grams. Does this simply mean that there are thousands of rounded-off grams of cannabis lying around waiting for the next customer? It doesn’t.

Rounding can cause a lot of confusion. Is it 28.35 or is it 28.4 or 28? The main rule of thumb in the marijuana industry is always round down. If you are diving into technicalities, you’re off track. 448 grams is a pound of marijuana and is fairly easily measured.

How do you weigh marijuana?

Most marijuana users will probably take someone else’s word for how much their weed weighs. If you have questions about how much weed you receive in comparison to how much you paid, it’s crucial to know where to find answers.

Years ago, there used to be fancy scales that contained calibration weights and coding technology to specifically break down huge amounts into smaller ones. Digital scales now, in the information age, are the best way to check just how much you have. Digital scales come with detailed instructions.

A good tip to keep in mind is you will typically want a container to hold your other cannabis while it’s being measured on a scale. It will just make the process more organized and will make sure it doesn’t roll off the side of the scale. Be 100 per cent sure that you are following all of the instructions and ensure that the container you are using to hold the cannabis doesn’t go on the scale as well as this will skew the measurement. 

Why is weighing cannabis important?

Knowing how to calculate, measure and convert weed weights can be relevant for a number of reasons, but none is more vital than the previously mentioned double-checking (something you are most likely going to do when buying from the black market as opposed to a dispensary). Another big reason is to measure is if you are dosing edibles.

All of the edible recipes require different amounts of weed that need to be decarboxylated, which is just another way of saying that the THC in the weed needs to be activated in order to get you high. To ensure that your cookies or brownies do not unintentionally harm you, it is crucial to understand how to convert volumes back and forth.

One other very important reason to understand your weight is legal: There are purchase limits in place for how much you are allowed to carry at a given time. If you don’t know the weight of what you are carrying, you could face hefty fines. It’s not recommended to carry weed at all if you reside in a state where it’s not legal yet.

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