How To Use Marijuana?

Smoking may be the most popular means of taking marijuana, but it is certainly not the only method of consumption.


Smoking may be the most popular means of taking marijuana, but it is certainly not the only method of consumption. How weed is delivered is an important consideration for people who take it for medical users, and also for those who take it simply for recreation.

Here are a variety of marijuana consumption methods:

Smoke Your Weed

As already mentioned, smoking marijuana is the most popular method of taking it. Cannabis is rolled into cigarette shaped ‘joints’ and smoked in the same fashion. Another way is to smoke it from a cannabis pipe or bong which uses water to filter the smoke. A ‘blunt’ is another method of smoking weed. This involves hollowing out a cigar and replacing the tobacco with cannabis.

Mini bongs, or ‘bubblers’, are also popular and they are small, so very convenient. One of the most traditional methods of smoking marijuana, or tobacco for that matter, is the hookah.

Cannabis users can be very creative people, particularly in situations when essential ingredients, like rolling papers, are not around. They have been known to improvise bongs from all sorts of things; from soda cans to apples.

In general, studies into the subject have shown that there is no understanding of a link between smoking marijuana and contracting lung cancer. Long term use, however, can bring on bronchitis although without the symptoms of shortness of breath.

Gravity Bongs

Another method of smoking weed is with a gravity bong. These are made from common household items such as bottles, buckets and bins. These self made bongs are based on gravity drawing the smoke into the water (or beer, or wine…) chamber so that it can be filtered and cooled before inhalation


Vaping is quite a new means of cannabis consumption. Cannabis is heated to a point near combustion and vaporized, allowing the resulting vapor to be inhaled. This negates the need to inhale harmful smoke.

Vaping is the chosen method of marijuana consumption for several reasons:

  • No inhalation of harmful smoke.
  • Claims of a better high.
  • Less smell of weed so more discreet.
  • Vapes are small and easily concealed – discretion again.


This reminds vaping, but dabbing uses THC resin that has been extracted from cannabis plants. The resin can come in several forms: oil (e.g. hash oil), soft (wax) or hard (shatter).

To dab, you heat a pipe with a lighter or blowtorch. Then, the resin is inserted into the hot pipe, it vaporizes immediately and can then be inhaled. The high from dabbing is claimed to be higher than that of smoking cannabis.

As a butane lighter or torch is required to achieve the optimal temperature, you can be exposed to toxic substances such as benzene, as reported by studies at Portland State University.

Oral Ingestion

Homemade cannabis cakes are known for decades but now it’s legal, many large companies are now starting to produce cannabis infused edibles. Cannabis oil can be used in cooking to make a variety of edibles ranging from cakes, cookies, cereals, chewing gum and granola bars. Marijuana oil is often used in many well known drinks; tea, soda and beer, for instance. Making tea from cannabis leaves is a technique that’s been around for years, but today it is much stronger.

Whilst orally ingesting cannabis is considered less harmful than smoking weed, research indicates this may not be the case and that more overdoses occur by ingestion rather than smoking.

Cannabis Sprays

Another new method since legalization is the cannabis spray. These have THC infused liquids delivered by a spray mechanism to the area under the tongue. This method is often preferred by Cannabis users for medical purposes, who want to refrain from the smoke.

Sprays are also common in areas where marijuana is still illegal as they are difficult to detect. Different flavored sprays can be put onto joints or blunts.

Cannabis Tinctures

These are liquids that have been extracted from cannabis plants and have been infused with water, alcohol or a combination of both. To use tinctures, a few drops are placed under the tongue so that it quickly gets absorbed into the blood stream. Due to the potency and fast acting nature of tinctures, they are generally used fro medicinal purposes. For the same reasons, use of tinctures is often abused.

Topical Oils

These oils, extracted from the cannabis plant, have a thicker consistency than edible cannabis oils. Topical oils for the skin get absorbed into the body to relieve muscle pain. Topicals do not produce any high effect so are only used in medical marijuana products.

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