Techniques for smoking the perfect cannabis pipe

How to properly smoke a bowl – use this essential technique to ensure your marijuana pipe is packed just right

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Smoking a pipe is a casual, cozy and relaxing ritual for many marijuana users. There are probably a multitude opinions on the proper way to pack a pipe with your favorite bud. Most of them will have a degree of merit, but there are two fundamental principles that are crucial for any method to work:

  • The weed at the bottom of the pipe bowl must be packed in such a way to allow for free-flowing circulation of air
  • The weed packed at the top of the pipe bowl should be firm enough to stay lit.

However, there is also a tried-and-true “three-layer” method. Start by gradually “gravity feeding” the pipe by sprinkling loose weed into the bowl chamber until it is overflowing. 

Next, gently press the weed down until it’s compressed to around the halfway point in the bowl. Repeat the gravity feed and pack the weed down to the two-thirds- to-three-quarter-level within the bowl. Repeat the gravity feed again and pack the weed down until it’s just below the rim of the bowl chamber. At this point, spark up and take a draw on the pipe stem. If you can feel a resistance similar to sucking soda using a straw, this has been done correctly. Now you’re in business.

If it feels like you are sucking air through an empty straw, you’ve packed way too loosely. If you suck and it feels like a thick milkshake, it’s packed too tight.

Now it’s time to fully light the pipe. Circulate a soft flame around the top of the weed, all the while using a firm, steady puff. Note: Use a wooden match or a non-torch type of lighter otherwise you potentially risk cracking the pipe bowl due to extreme heat. Once lit, the weed will rise up during the initial lighting. This is referred to as the charring light. Tamp the weed and relight. The pipe should be lit without considerable effort. When the draw loosens up, lightly tamp the weed to ensure the pipe stays lit. There is a certain satisfaction to packing the weed into the pipe bowl just right.

The final step: relax and savor the contentment of the wonderful, distinctly aromatic smell of your favourite Kush. Chill in your favourite chair and savour the moment as you sit back puffing away. There are numerous ways to smoke cannabis, but few are as well-known as smoking a bowl. Learning how to properly pack and smoke a bowl of kush is a quintessential method that every marijuana enthusiast can benefit from learning. Whether you’re interested in packing a pipe to relax and chill after a long day or preparing a bowl for a party, understanding these fundamental principles will surely help you enhance your bowl-smoking experience. Enjoy!

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