How-To Smoke Weed 101 & Best Ways to Consume Cannabis

A question that many marijuana newcomers ask is “how do you take cannabis?” Well, there are many ways that you


A question that many marijuana newcomers ask is “how do you take cannabis?” Well, there are many ways that you can consume cannabis or smoke your weed. The most popular method, of course, is smoking, but there are many other ways to enjoy cannabis.

There are basically three main methods through which to consume cannabis, but within these broad categories, there are also several different ways of taking your weed. Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.


Inhalation covers many methods of consuming weed, including smoking. However, you can inhale your weed in many different ways and each of them will give you a different experience. Getting the effects of cannabis through inhalation works because you inhale gas into your lungs and then it gets absorbed into your bloodstream where it has an effect. Here are a few ways to inhale cannabis:

Smoking. With smoking cannabis, the active part of the weed is inhaled into your lungs in the form of smoke. Smoking weed can be done through different mediums:

  1. Hand Pipe. Hand pipes are really popular at the moment and they have the appeal of being small, easily portable, simple to use and come in an infinite number of designs. You do not need to use a hand pipe with water, making them use pretty much anywhere.
  2. Water Pipes & Bongs. These water-cooled weed inhalation devices are very popular and, again, one of the reasons for this is the plethora of designs they come in. Water is used to cool the smoke before it is inhaled and it also may provide a filtering function to remove any harmful particles, although this is still to be proven.
  3. Rolling Papers. It seems incredible that people are still using this fiddly method of smoking weed. But, every purist still wants to roll their own joint. Papers can come in a variety of flavours and the paper can also be made from bamboo or hemp. You may have heard cannabis smokers make reference to a blunt; this is a traditional cigarette that has had its tobacco removed and replaced with weed.
  4. Vaporizers. Weed can also be inhaled through vapour rather than smoke. Vaping is done with a vaporizer pen (vape) that heats cannabis to a temperature of around 360F; high enough to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes in a vapour form.
  5. Because there is no combustion, there is no smoke. This makes vaping a lot more healthy than smoking cannabis and may explain the popularity of vaping among new cannabis users. The technology behind vaping is developing all the time, increasing the choice in vaping options. There are also improvements afoot in the enhancement of flavour and the reduction of cannabis odours.
  6. Dabbing. Another way to inhale cannabis is by dabbing. This form of consuming cannabis is done by flash vaporization and the results are very potent. Cannabis concentrates are dropped onto a hot nail which produces a vaporizing effect that can then be inhaled through a small water pipe device. Despite there being health benefits of inhaling clean concentrates compared to smoking, dabbing has still to get universal approval across the cannabis community.

Oral Ingestion

The second main way to consume cannabis is through the mouth. An advantage of oral ingestion is that it does not have the health risks associated with it that smoking cannabis does. Again, there are a few different methods of achieving your desired effect with oral ingestion of cannabis:

  • Tinctures. These are a liquid cannabis extract that is taken through the mouth and absorbed straight into the bloodstream. They are ideal for controlling dosage and if you need fast-acting effects.
  • Edible Cannabis. Eating or drinking your cannabis might initially leave you wondering what all the fuss was about. Because they need to be digested first before entering the bloodstream, onset time can be substantial. Don’t make the mistake of taking more until the first lot have kicked in; when they do, they will have a powerful effect.
  • Ingestible Oils. These are viewed by many as a happy medium between concentrates and edibles. To consume them, they are swallowed and get digested just like edibles. As they have the consistency of oil, they can be either eaten or put into a capsule and swallowed that way.


Our final method of consuming cannabis is called the Topical method. This is taken as a cannabis extract; a thick decarboxylated oil with active cannabinoids that get absorbed through the skin. Topicals do not give the experience of being high but are used more for medical effects such as relief from muscular pain and soreness

So, whichever one of these three methods of consuming cannabis you enjoy the most, we hope that you continue to have some wonderful and safe high times.

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