How-To Smoke Shatter 101

Understanding the properties of highly potent marijuana known as shatter. Ways to smoke shatter. Health and safety when smoking shatter.


Understanding the properties of highly potent marijuana known as shatter. Ways to smoke shatter. Health and safety when smoking shatter. Understanding why shatter is so potent. How to shatter is produced.

SHATTER: A highly potent marijuana concentrate

Have you ever heard of shatter? It’s possible that not too many people have. It’s most likely more well known within the marijuana community. Outlined in this article will be discussed everything you’ll want to know about shatter and the different methods you can smoke shatter through.

Shatter is one of the most popular marijuana concentrates. It is classified as a hydrocarbon extract. Therefore as such, shatter is an extremely high, intensely potent marijuana product. Its appellation as such is due to its hard, translucent, glass-like shape which can “shatter” in the event that pressure is applied. Shatter is known as the purest one among all types of Butane Hash Oil (or BHO) which contains up to 80% concentrations of THC.

As legalization sweeps the country, cannabis consumption changes rapidly. Today, in the marijuana industry, the term “concentrate” is a commonly used word. For many of the traditional marijuana users, they’ll prefer to stick to their jar of sweet-smelling flower and continue to smoke their joints and bongs. But now for many of them, they have now turned to cannabis concentrates (like shatter) as an alternative. Due to its much higher potency, concentrates can be either smoked, vaporized or eaten providing a soft and smooth “buzz” experience. The benefits of concentrates encourages people to use them more than flowers:

  • Concentrates are more potent
  • Concentrates can be consumed in many different ways
  • Plant matter is stripped from concentrates
  • Concentrates may have more flavour than flowers

Essential oils are nutrient-rich fats that plants create to help them survive and grow. To name a few, examples of essential oils of the cannabis plant are:

  • shatter
  • oil
  • sap
  • wax
  • honeycomb
  • crumble
  • budder and dab

These are all the extracted essential oils of the cannabis plant that concentrate the plant’s chemical compounds like THC and CBD. Like all other plants, Marijuana plants have essential oil, which can be extracted through a variety of processes and solvents.

Similar to other cannabis-based concentrates, shatter is extracted from the marijuana plant through some solvent-based extraction methods. During these methods, some liquid or gas solvents are used to separate concentrated cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Depending upon the solvent used, shatter is a type of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). The harvesting of the marijuana plant starts the process. Cannabis buds are then soaked or blasted with liquified butane in order to extract the THC and CBD from the plant. The result is an extremely strong substance that contains much more THC than the flowers. Once the extraction is complete, the mixture is then heated to purge as much butane gas from it as possible. Left to cool and rest, the purge mixture will now form the thin sheet of extract. This entire process has now yielded an exceptional product ready for consumption.

Shatter is a new way to get high for both recreational and medical marijuana users. It has often been described as one of the cleanest methods of cannabis consumption. One significant benefit of smoking shatter is that due to its potency it offers an incredibly fast method of getting high. A recreational user on a single hit of high-THC shatter allows them to get an almost immediate intoxication high. Symptoms will be dry mouth and an overall relaxed feeling. And for medical users, it offers patients a strong and fast relief from their pain and symptoms.
Like smoking all other marijuana concentrates, it can be used in a number of ways. Here are some of the more popular ways to smoke weed shatter.

  • Vape Pen: This is a conveniently easy, pocket-friendly device. Even for a first time user, it’s easy to use. Just simply drop your shatter into its bowl, press a catch and enjoy the smooth sensation as it flows over you.
  • A vaporized shatter helps you to avoid the adverse effects associated with smoking and also provides the pure flavour of the concentrate and its uplifting qualities.

Another easy method to smoke shatter is to add some small pieces of the concentrate to your joint or blunt. However, if you want to taste and experience the unique flavour of shatter, this method is not ideal. Be cautious and careful. Adding shatter makes your joint consumption slower. So try to ensure to not to break the paper as you’ll face a few issues when lighting your joint. As a technique, try not to add the oil to the bottom of your joint. The straight contact between the fire and the oil will make an excessive amount of THC before you have the capacity to breathe it into your lungs.

As another method of smoking shatter, a bong-like device or water pipe can be used. With a bong pipe, they use a heated nail to produce the cleanest and biggest vapour. Using a torch, the nail on the pipe is typically heated to somewhere between 300°C and 400°C. Then using a metal dabber, the shatter is added. You can also use a carb cap to cool down the vapour which allows for a smooth and larger volume of a hit. Electric nail or e-nails omit the need for a flame but may cost you potentially anywhere in the vicinity of about $200.

If you’re looking for an easy way to smoke your shatter without the use of any apparatus contraption devices, you can go an old-school method known as “hot knifing”. As the name implies, typically the blade tips of two regular kitchen utensil knives are heated over the flame of a gas element on the stovetop. These metallic blades vaporize the concentrate. When the tips of the knives are sufficiently hot, place the shatter on it and inhale the intense smoke. One technique using this “hot knife” method is to utilize a drinking straw or plastic container (to catch the smoke) so as to not let the smoke dissipate.

Shatter and all other concentrates always have the potential for a certain degree of risk attached. Possible impurities is one of the biggest concerns with shatter and other BHOs. Fundamentally, the butane and all other solvents are supposed to be completely flushed out during the manufacturing process. Special equipment to eliminate the butane is utilized by professional producers, while there are those amateur “chemists” who may not be able to handle such equipment. The butane remained in the concentrate may cause serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, there is no possible method to discern the purity of shatter except for a professional lab test.

Even the purest shatter still has the potential to cause serious problems. While there have been no documented deaths associated with a THC overdose, first-time users should exercise caution and be careful due to the intrinsically high levels of THC in shatter. Some of the symptoms associated with ingesting high levels of THC are paranoia, shortness of breath and vomiting. One way to ensure your safety when smoking shatter is to choose the right tool. Using a vape pen is the best device when smoking small to medium doses. Use the right torch. For any reason, don’t touch the nail after it’s been heated. Utilize a carb cap to cool the vapour. Start with less potent products to gain experience. Then once you have your confidence, you can gradually work your way up to more potent products. In no time you’ll be on the edge of a wonderful new world.

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