How-To Smoke Shake Weed and is it Safe?

Shake Weed Chances are you’ve probably not ever heard of shake weed. And no, it has nothing to do with

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Shake Weed

Chances are you’ve probably not ever heard of shake weed. And no, it has nothing to do with the latest dance craze. So, what is this shake weed of which we speak? And where would one find it? Ah, but more importantly, will it get the job done and be just as effective when compared to other types of marijuana products? In this article, we shall explore shake weed.

If you run in marijuana circles, chances are if you’re a regular user within that community you’ll have seen or heard of the term shake weed. To help you contextualize this in your mind, look upon shake as the marijuana equivalent of the small crumbs at the bottom of a bag of potato chips. Or the crumbs at the bottom of your electric toaster. They are small pieces of marijuana that break off from large buds and filter their way to the bottom of a bag. So in essence, shake is the leftover marijuana scraps. Shake also contains trichomes which offer a much higher potency but it shouldn’t be confused with kief. Kief is the resin which comes from the cannabis plant.

Where does one get shake? If you smoke marijuana, go take a look inside your stash baggie. Chances are you’re likely to see some shake weed at the bottom. And naturally, the larger the quantity of marijuana, the larger the amount of shake you’ll have. An example of this would be a medical dispensary that deals in massive bag sizes. Some dispensaries sell their shake weed and use it to roll for pre-rolls. And as the name would imply, a pre-roll is a marijuana joint that has already been rolled for you in advance so you don’t have to. By using shake in pre-rolls, it helps dispensaries economize on wasted materials. Pre-rolls may not provide as much of an enjoyable smoke as a regular joint rolled with larger buds, so to compensate for this the shake is filled with other low-quality material. If this is the case, you’ll need to be much more careful about pre-rolls stuffed with shake. Pre-rolls are the low-cost “hand me downs” of the marijuana culture. Initially, pre-rolls with shake may seem like a good more economical alternative to smoking buds. So in order for you to determine which you’d rather consume, ask yourself what you’re looking for in marijuana, what type of high are you expecting from it? And then consider how do you want to consume it?

So, how is shake weed to be consumed? It is consumed just like any other flower. And in some cases, it may be the better choice. If you’re looking to score some shake weed but are on a tight budget, you may want to consider purchasing from a dispensary as with them as your go to source, you’ll know you’re getting high-quality buds. And don’t be dismissive of shake due to it being the leftover crumbs. If the shake comes from high-quality marijuana it still will have potency and can be used in cooking for edibles or to traditionally smoke. Shake is recommended for cooking when producing edibles. In the long run, shake weed might well be worth considering especially if you’re a fan of joints, blunts, and spliff rollers. When you take a bud to grind down, you’re actually creating your own shake. If the shake quality is high enough, it is recommended for use in bongs and water pipes.

And not only for bongs, but shake weed can be good for vaping as well. But exercise caution as it tends to be moderately less potent than bud and chances are it’ll be dryer too. But overall, the price saving is usually higher and more than well makes up for these shortcomings.

And in terms of THC percentage amounts, shake weed is regarded as being a little less potent than buds, but don’t underestimate it as it can still be pretty potent. Ensure that you buy from a trusted dispensary, that way you won’t get a bunch of stems or garbage weed which potentially could give you a nasty headache. The one major complaint with shake is its dryness. Usually, this dryness is caused due to its age and improper storage. Make sure you know exactly what type of shake weed you’re getting. Otherwise, it could end up being a hassle for you. The stress isn’t worth it. It’s crucial that you’re clear and fully understand what you’re buying. If you buy pre-rolls made from shake, depending on the source and their reputation, you might end up with a pre-rolled joint filled with stems and various combinations from other strains. So do your research and know exactly what it is you’re buying.

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