Get the most out of your marijuana with THC Moon Rocks

Many customers have said Moon Rocks are the most powerful cannabis on the planet, offering the very best high! What


Many customers have said Moon Rocks are the most powerful cannabis on the planet, offering the very best high!

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are the creation of Tha Dogg rapper and former Death Row Records executive Kurupt. This product is the hottest marijuana product to date with levels well beyond 50% THC. This product is a wonderful combination of buds and hash, used many years ago.

Once you try moon rocks, you will have just experienced the best cannabis buds with a huge level of THC. To produce this product, the cannabis buds must be covered in a sticky, hash oil before being covered in kief. Kief is resin glands that contain terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis the unique product it is. It is sifted resin glands from marijuana flowers that are extremely high in THC. The finished product looks like light brown pebbles, giving it the name Moon Rocks.

Note: Hash is actually extracted kief. The kief has been heated and then by adding pressure, it forms a soft green ball. By applying heat and pressure, it changes the composition by rupturing the resin glands.

Can I Make My Own Moon Rocks?

If you can’t find them, yes you can make your own and it’s really quite easy to do. You need to make sure you have all the needed supplies:

  • You need buds/marijuana flowers for the base of the moon rocks. You need a hash oil or honey oil and/or a concentrate that has a sticky property to make your weed stronger. Also, you can place the hash oil on your marijuana flowers using different consistencies.
  • Kief is a fine powder made from the dried resin glands found on the leaves of the marijuana plant.

Have a Skewer or a long stick, not a toothpick

Now you are ready to make your moon rocks. Simply follow these easy steps and you’ll be there before you know it.

Step One

You need to choose a tight nug and hold it with a skewer. A nug, or nugget, is a chunk of bud material that offers the best quality cannabis. It is what the bud will look like after it has been removed from the plant and then dried and cured.

Step Two

Submerge the nug in hash oil and coat the bud with a concentrate which is the glue that will hold the kief in place. You can choose a liquefied concentrate or a shatter-light concentrate. Whatever you prefer, just make sure you cover the entire bud.

Step Three

Once you have submerged the nugget oil completely, you need to get your kief and roll the nug into the kief. You want to cover it, packing it, shaking it, and removing any excess stuff. You will then have a perfect moon rock! You need to let it dry for 3 to 7 days.

Now, all you need is to know how to use your moon rock once everything is completely dry:

Smoking Your Moon Rocks

Smoking Moon Rocks are not any different than smoking any form of marijuana. You can use a pipe, bong, joint, bowl or bubbler.

There are some things to consider for a more enjoyable experience:

Break up the moon rock into smaller pieces with your finger or use scissors. Do Not grind them because the grinding will destroy the sticky texture.

Due to moon rock’s high level of THC, you really should us a pipe, bong or bubbler with a small cone.
Because moon rock is so strong, you might want to mix them with your regular weed and smoke them together. Also, if you want to roll moon rock by itself, you probably won’t have enough to roll unless you have at least 18 grams. Also, you won’t be able to keep it lit like a normal joint.

Now you know you can make your own Moon Rocks or buy it from a vendor. You can use different venues including a pipe, bong, joint, etc though it’s highly recommended you blend your Moon Rocks with your regular marijuana for a better experience.

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