How to Smoke Marijuana Pipes

With the current increased rates of weed legalization throughout Canada, there is an influx of individuals that may have never

how to smoke marijuana pipes

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With the current increased rates of weed legalization throughout Canada, there is an influx of individuals that may have never tried the substance before but are now interested in the idea. For those who are yet to be introduced to weed, deciding which way to consume it may be confusing given the plethora of options. As such, this article will provide valuable insight into the usefulness of marijuana pipes for those who are not yet familiar.

The Joys of Marijuana Pipes

Marijuana pipes are the most common way to smoke cannabis, done through a simple process of adding the grounded up bud to the pipe’s bowl, lighting it, then inhaling the subsequent smoke it exhausts. While some may argue this method carries more health risks than others, you can minimize these risks by obtaining higher quality cannabis, as well as using a filter as an added safety precaution.

Anatomy of a Marijuana Pipe

marijuana pipes

Marijuana pipes are often constructed with borosilicate glass and are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes. They are generally small, portable, simple and largely inexpensive contraptions that are optimal for new consumers of weed to aid in the consumption experience. Marijuana pipes are not to be confused with bongs, whereby smoke is filtered and cooled through the use of water.

Similar to tobacco pipes, these pipes often consist of a:

  • Bowl: Cylindrical basin with crevice to place bud.
  • Mouthpiece: Tight and condensed channel in which smoke is transported to the user’s mouth.
  • Carb: Some pipes will also contain a carb that offers a second channel to facilitate more airflow to the mouthpiece.

Benefits of Marijuana Pipes for Consumption

As a potential first-time cannabis user, the benefits of using a pipe may be unclear. One of the main benefits of using a pipe is that along with being simple to use, portable and relatively inexpensive is that they allow for less weed to be wasted. When using a pipe, less bud needs to put into the bowl than in a joint, thus increasing its shelf-life and lasting longer. Additionally, some argue that smoking from a pipe is healthier than from a joint or a blunt because it eliminates the tobacco contained in the latter. Lastly, unlike rolling paper, buying a pipe can be a good long term investment because it can be used for many years, which is not true of rolling papers. As such, this may save you money in the long run.

Top Pipes for Sale

Now that we covered what marijuana pipes are and why they can be useful for cannabis smokers, here a some of the most popular pipes on the market:

  • Glass Spoons. Glass spoons are among the cheapest option and are extremely easy to use. However, these are generally not very durable and can be prone to breakage if you are not careful with them.
marijuana pipes
  • Fumo Pipe. These pipes while still quite simply are a bit more advanced than your run of the mill spoons. Similar to spoons, Fumo pipes are very portable and can be taken with you on the go with ease.
marijuana pipes
  • 25mm Sherlock.
sherlock holmes marijuana pipe
  • Glow in the Dark Spoon. Almost identical to the white spoon, this spoon does exactly what the name implies, it glows in the dark. For those who may enjoy smoking weed in darker conditions, or simply enjoy the aesthetic properties of a glowing spoon, this is a fantastic option.
glow in the dark pipe
  • The Gandalf Pipe. Remeincient of the pipe used by Gandalf the Grey, this pipe features a long and narrow mouthpiece channel, with an added element of fanaticism due to its resemblance to that of Gandalf’s pipe that may appeal to any Lord of the Rings fans out there.
  • SoloPipe.The SoloPipe comes equipped with a built-in light for convenience, along with an area to house your bud. With only a small amount of weed required, with a flick of your thumb you are well on your way to enjoying some marijuana courtesy of the SoloPipe virtually anywhere. Just be sure to fill the butane chamber on occasion and you will be good to go.
Solo Pipe
  • Green Slime Colour Changing Inside-Out Twist Pipe. This pipe is constructed with a spiral pattern and durable and thick glass, making for an easy grip. Furthermore, with this pipe, the more you smoke, the more the colour changes. Thus, if you are interested in a pipe that oscillates between colours this could be the one.
Colour Changing Pipe
  • Santa Feo Pipe. Made of wood and showcasing an aesthetically pleasing and intricate design, the Santa Feo comes equipped with three differently sized bowls which are sure to enhance your weed smoking experience.
Santa Feo Pipe
  • The Prometheus. Ideal for gatherings involving multiple weed smokers, the Prometheus contains a large bowl able to fit more bud, allowing for more weed to be smoked amongst a group of people more effectively. Also, no need to be concerned with someone else breaking your pipe as the aluminum outer design ensures more durability.
Prometheus Pipe

Now it’s Time to Smoke!

Once you have chosen your preferred pipe of choice, you can now officially get your cannabis ready and prepare to smoke. If you are new to the process, here is a guide.

Break Down Your Bud

The first step is to break down your weed because clumps will not be able to effectively be put into your bowl. In order for a smoother experience, you may want to grind up the buds, being sure to stop before the turn into a fine powder.

Gently Pack the Bowl

Next, pack the bowl gently, not too loosely or too tight, with your index finger and thumb by squeezing the bud together. This may take a few tries, so be sure to check before lighting the pipe because doing this step improperly can restrict airflow and create a less optimal experience.

Light the Pipe

Once the weed is packed in the bowl, it is now time to grab your lighter and light up the edge of the bowl until a good portion of marijuana is burnt. Once this is done you are ready to smoke. Keep in mind if your pipe has a carb, cover it with your finger and move it around to better regulate airflow.

Ash Out the Pipe

When you are done, it is important to clear the ash that can build-up within the pipe. You can do this by tapping the back of the pipe until you have removed the ash residue. If you have a carb, you can also place your finger on top of the hole and blow until the ash is blown from the bowl.

Do it Again!

No explanation needed here, now that the pipe is clean and ready for use, the only thing to do is to wait until next time.

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