How-To Smoke Dabs 101

Dabs have become one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods on the market. Learn more about them and how


Dabs have become one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods on the market. Learn more about them and how to smoke them.

About Dabs

Simply put, dabs are a concentrated variety of cannabis. They are showing up in many products depending on their consistency including honeycomb, wax, butane hash oil, shatter, etc. Dabs are also one of the most powerful forms of concentrates available on the market. Dabs can contain anywhere from 80 to 90% THC CBD. Also, the extraction process can be pretty precise to a targeted extract that is unique to cannabinoids. This is a group that has closely related compounds including cannabinol and active elements of cannabis.

How Dabs Are Made

Dabs are made by passing gas, like CO2 or Butane, through a tube that houses cannabis flowers or plants. The low temperatures will crystallize the gas leaving a mixture of resin and butane behind. Because liquefied gas is highly volatile, it will evaporate leaving behind a very powerful concentrated product.
There are also other extracting methods including CO2, open blasting, subcritical extraction, and closed-loop.

The Different Ways To Smoke Dabs

There are several different ways to smoke dabs including the traditional way or some very creative methods.

Smoking Dabs Using Rigs

Dab Rigs are also known as Concentrate Pipes or Oil Rigs. Most well-known devices used for dabbing are used by most people who prefer concentrates of flowers for a cleaner vaporizing experience when smoking. Adding to that, the high is completely different.

A traditional dab rig only involves a glass nail or banger and a small percolation device to cool down the mouthpiece and smoke. You fill it up with water then the smoke passes through just like a water pipe or bong.

You should note, you cannot use a standard light with traditional dab rigs. You have to use a creme brulees torch or a propane torch to produce a high level of heat to heat up this glass, so you want to make sure it’s as hot as possible to cause vaporization of the concentrate.

If you want to smoke dabs with a traditional dab rig, you must apply the concentrate to the dab tool or wand. The nail is then heated red-hot with a blowtorch and then dabbed on the wand. This will produce vapours that are then inhaled.

The electronic nail is similar to the dab rigs but is connected to a power supply outlet that replaces the blowtorch which can be very dangerous. This method provides a great taste because the optimum heating temperatures will not burn the product.

There are also many other clever types of dab rigs known as electronic dab rigs. The best part, you don’t have to worry about a torch to heat it up. Just add your concentrate or flower to it, turn it on, and enjoy!

More Ways To Creatively Smoking Dabs

The concentrate can be put directly on a stone that fits into a bowl. The stones can be heated using a blowtorch. Also, dab pens or G pens are the newest methods on the market. They are incredibly discreet, portable, economical, and ever so easy to use. The dab pens are made from the exact same components found in vape pens. They work just like vaporizers and have become a great alternative for cannabis users.

In A Nutshell

There are many different ways to smoke dabs. Once you have chosen the method that works best for you, choose a suitable product. Remember, dabbing can be quite powerful and effective for delivering cannabinoids to your system. Before you decide to jump onboard and switch to dabs, you should do some research and talk to those who are experienced. They will also point out that at all times there should be a good level of caution involved.

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