How to roll a Backwoods blunt

Follow these steps to become Backwoods blunt-rolling pro

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Backwoods Smokes is a cigar brand made by Altadis Tobacco Company that dates back to the early 1970s. The company started making small cigars after the United States passed legislating to clamp down on cigarette use. So, Altadis decided re-branding by producing and promoting a “cowboy-inspired” mini-cigar. This manly cigar took off and gained in popularity over time.

Backwoods are known as an all-natural cigar. They are machine-made with an aged broadleaf wrapper that gives the cigar a smooth and sweet taste. To add flavour and sweetness, Backwoods are aged, cured and stored at 70 per cent humidity. Visually, they are characterized by a frayed end, a tapered body and an unfinished head. A fresh Backwoods cigar should feel soft. Flavours include Honey Berry, Grape, Honey Bourbon, Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic and the Original Aromatic. Once lit, Backwoods cigars produce either a chocolate or a sweet vanilla fragrances.

So that’s the background on Backwoods. The optimal Backwoods blunt must be rolled at the paper most be at its utmost peak freshness otherwise the tobacco leaf will be too dry to roll. As with anything else, rolling a cigarette or a joint takes practice and skill. The Backwoods cigar can be more fragile, “crunchy” or stiff if the paper is not 100 per cent fresh from the package. Below are a few steps that help you become Backwoods blunt-rolling pro in no time.

Rolling a Backwoods: Step by step

  • Carefully unwrap the outer tobacco leaves. Even if your are rolling a fresh Backwoods, pay extra care and attention as the outer tobacco leaf is delicate and can tear easily.
  • Once you’ve carefully opened the cigar, empty the internal filler tobacco.
  • Break up your nug of weed in a grinder or by hand. Set the weed aside.
  • Once the tobacco has been removed, carefully place the wrap on a flat surface.
  • Lick or moisten the inside of the tobacco leaf wrap. If the outside is still dry, consider moistening the outer side too. Be careful as you don’t want the paper to get too damp – just moist enough to seal it.
  • Fill the centre of the Backwoods wrap with your weed of choice.
  • Begin rolling the tobacco wrap over the weed, pressing the plant material into a tight cylinder. Feel free to use your flat surface to introduce additional pressure when rolling the blunt. Tip: In some cases, marijuana connoisseurs might add a bit of the Backwoods tobacco into the blunt for a more interesting smoking experience.
  • As you get to the end of the blunt roll, you’ll notice a piece of tobacco wrap dangling at an angle. Lick or moisten the dangling piece and use it to seal the blunt closed.
  • Wait for the blunt to dry but don’t let it dry out. You the blunt to be solid and secure, but ensure that it doesn’t unravel. Tip: You can use a heat source (such as the tip of a lighter flame or a lamp bulb) to speed up the drying process.

You’re now ready to spark up and smoke that bad boy.

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