How To Easily Rehydrate Your Dry Cannabis

In addition to recreational use, weed has been used for ages to produce oils, fibers and to help people therapeutically.

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In addition to recreational use, weed has been used for ages to produce oils, fibers and to help people therapeutically. Weed plants that are chosen to create fiber supplies are used to make industrial hemp products. Cannabinoids in weed plants are responsible for the psychoactive, mental, and physical effects that the majority of people consume weed for.

There are a number of reasons why marijuana dries out. If it was grown in a climate that was wet and moist and then suddenly ends up in a dry climate shortly afterward, the buds can dry up fast. If you don’t properly store your cannabis in an airtight container or jar, it will get dry and crumbly. Storing your weed in a Ziploc bag is not always the best route either – especially if you are concerned with preserving its flavour.

Containers with sealable, airtight lids are always the way to go, and keeping your protected bud in a cold and dry place where light or heat can’t get in is the most ideal. If your friends come over, you don’t want to be embarrassed when your dry and crumbly weed turns to dust as you prepare to pack your next bowl. If this problem sounds familiar, worry no more: there are ways to rehydrate your weed and bring back its quality. Rehydrating bud is a perennially popular topic.

Popular Methods To Rehydrate Cannabis

Citrus Peel

Using orange peels is a common way to rehydrate weed. Lots of people have used this method for decades to add the zest back to their cannabis. Most people would never even think that this method would be able to rehydrate dried-up weed. The trick is to cut out the exterior layer of the orange peel with a fairly sharp knife. The size of the cut should reflect the amount of weed you plan on reviving. So if you have a large amount weed that you need to bring the life back into, then make a bigger cut in the orange peel. After you cut out the peel, place it into a jar and seal the lid tight. Let the orange peel sit in the jar for a couple of hours, but check on it frequently.

After a few hours, make sure the bud is at the moisture level you desire. You don’t want to leave the peels in there for too long because this could cause mould and you don’t want that. If you aren’t a big fan of orange flavour, a lemon or lime peel works as a substitute. A tiny piece of an apple is said to do the trick too, and without adding a citrus flavour.


With lettuce being a total of 96% water, the vegetable makes for a great rehydration tool for dried-out weed. The lettuce method is nearly identical to the orange peel method. 

All you have to do is slice a piece of lettuce off the head and then place it in the bag or container with your dry and tired weed. Similar to the orange peel method, the amount of lettuce you choose should be based on how much cannabis you have that needs reviving. If you have a lot of weed, then you will require more lettuce. Two-to-three hours is the right amount of time to leave the lettuce in with the cannabis. The water inside of the lettuce will gradually rehydrate the weed and bring back it back to life. If you don’t like your weed having a citrusy flavour, lettuce is a very good alternative because it is more neutral in taste than oranges or lemons. 

Fresh Marijuana Flowers

If you are a cannabis grower and have a stock of fresh bud laying around, fresh marijuana flowers can be very useful in bringing the life back to a dried-out stash. The dampness from a fresh harvest adds moisture to the dry weed and revitalize it. 

All you have to do is put the fresh cannabis into the same jar as the dry cannabis and then seal it shut. Many people have had success with this method, and it’s recommended to intermittently check on the weed to make sure that the rehydration is going just how it should. As always, remember not to leave the most cannabis in there too long with the dry cannabis. 

A Piece Of Bread

With the bread method, all you have to do is leave a slice of bread inside a big plastic bag along with the dry cannabis overnight. This should give it enough time to bring hydration back to the weed. Bread doesn’t contain as much moisture as orange peels, so this method takes longer than the orange peel method. Overnight should be the right amount of time. 

Wet Paper Towel Moisture Packs

If you have a large amount of marijuana that needs new life, a wet paper towel moisture packs is known to be a useful strategy. For this method, take paper towel sheets and saturate them in water. Then, place the paper towels in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. After that, poke a number of holes in the plastic bag. Finally, put the wet paper towel moisture pack into the container of cannabis. 

It’s Always Good To Be Cautious Of Mold 

This isn’t a comprehensive list of ways to rehydrate a stash, but these methods are the most popular and most well-known. You will be surprised when you see your dry weed raised back life. The above methods are perfect if you have a large quantity of weed that dried out more than you anticipated. As your stash rehydrates, be sure to keep a sharp eye on your cannabis to ensure that it isn’t getting an overabundance of moisture.

Mold is the number one thing to keep an eye out for when reviving dry weed. The last thing you want to do is completely ruin your entire stash by trying out a method intended to bring its quality back.

You should try a few of the different methods listed above until you find one that works for you. Like most things in life, everyone has preferences in what they find that most convenient for their situations. For example, for those that hate citrus-tasting cannabis, they will choose the other methods. On the flip side, some people love the added bonus of the citrus.