How to pass a mouth swab test for THC

There are a few things you should know before you take a saliva drug test

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How to pass a swab drug test? So, you’re trying to get a job and have gone through the interview process, aced the entire background check and have finally come up to the point where you have to pass the drug test. After hearing your potential employer say those frustrating words, you just about drop your coffee. But don’t fret – you haven’t failed the test just yet. If the test is just a saliva mouth swab and not the full blood or urine test, then you should consider yourself lucky, because this is nearly one of the simplest tests to pass. Knowing that it’s a drug test, though, means there are still things that you need to know before you go ahead and take the test.

What exactly is a mouth swab test and what is it used for?

Sometimes an oral fluid test or a saliva test is also referred to as a mouth swab drug test. These tests basically collect saliva from the inside of a person’s mouth in order to analyze it and see if it contains any traces of drugs. They are fairly common because they are straightforward to administer and affordable.

If your final test for the job position is a simple mouth swab then consider yourself lucky because some tests are much harder to pass. The employer could’ve just as easily chosen the urine or blood test to use for the drug screening process, and these ones are a little more difficult to bypass.

The purpose of saliva tests are to screen the body for different compounds, like THC. Because the test collects a sample of saliva from your mouth, it can only tell what is inside your mouth at the time that the test is taken. Other tests, like blood and urine tests, can measure more compounds that are present. 

How long is THC detectable inside of the mouth?

In comparison to other tests that look for the metabolite THC-COOH, mouth swab tests are specifically looking for active THC. If you have time to prepare for beforehand, then you could be in good shape. If you smoked a joint not long before taking the post-job interview test, then you may have reason to worry.

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact length of time that THC can be traced inside of the mouth, but it’s estimated to be somewhere between 24 and 72 hours. There are some strains that are detectable up to seven days, which means if you use cannabis a lot you might want to taper your usage off a bit before taking the test. If you don’t smoke all that often, a three-days break should be all you need. As a general rule of thumb, take at least 24 hours off from using cannabis to prepare. That should give you a better chance of passing the test.

If I have time to prepare, how do I pass the mouth swab test?

If you know that you have an upcoming mouth swab test, being prepared is the best thing that you can do. But if you end up having to take a test completely out of the blue, there is a high chance you will fail – or find yourself thanking the universe if you get extremely lucky and happen to pass. 

Stop smoking

This isn’t what most people would like to hear, but it is the advice that seems to work with the most efficacy. If you know you have a swab test coming up in the next week, then you have a full week to stop smoking. This will give you a much higher chance of passing the test easily.

If your test is tomorrow and you only have the rest of the day to prepare for it, then just don’t smoke anything for the rest of the day. If you come to the test with a pristine mouth and a focused and clear mind, chances are fairly high you will pass within 24 hours of smoking weed.

Determine your own weed consumption standards and the amount of preparation time you will require before the testing. If you’re the type that doesn’t consume much weed, you typically won’t have much to worry about and won’t need as much time for THC to clear your mouth in comparison to someone that smokes five times a day every day. When you regularly smoke, you should allow yourself a few additional days to ensure you’re safe.

How do I pass the mouth swab test with little or no notice?

If you’ve just been told that you have a mouth swab test tomorrow and it’s been less than 24 hours since you smoked weed, you aren’t out of luck just yet. There are a few tricks that can help you pass the test.

Give your mouth a very good clean

This one seems obvious, but it must be said because good oral hygiene can go a long way. Brush, floss and rinse very well before going in. Depending on how much you brush and rinse out your mouth, the higher the chance of you flushing out more of the THC. Stay conscious of your oral hygiene in the days leading up to the mouth swab test – a clean mouth is always the first recommended thing to have when you aren’t given much notice.

Eat fatty foods

You might be able to lower some of the THC content with food if you have time to drive and get yourself a meal that contains a high amount of grease and fat. THC binds to fat any residue that is lingering in your mouth has a good chance of going down into your stomach along with the fatty food that you just ate.

After this, you should then give your mouth a good scrub to remove that greasy fast food from your teeth. You won’t want to risk the THC binding into the food and still being stuck in your mouth. The test could potentially create a red flag if it catches that.

Alter your saliva

If you want, you can use hydrogen peroxide or just regular mouthwash to alter your saliva. This has to be done right before the test because the effects doesn’t last more than 30 minutes. Your best bet would be to take a swig of it in your car right before taking the test. If you are running out of options, hydrogen peroxide is a good last resort. But if the drug test is just sprung on you spontaneously, you likely won’t have time for this method.

Before taking the swab test, if you’re pacing around in the bathroom at the company’s office urgently looking for mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide and desperately looking online for help, it’s best to take a breather and relax a bit. You will only make yourself appear guilty if you walk into the test with a nervous-looking face. Instead of mouthwash, swish around some water and spit it out. Do this a number of times and you might be able to dilute the THC a bit. If you are lucky the THC won’t be detectable, but this is mostly a last resort option. 

Last thoughts on passing the mouth swab test

This advice can be the same as with any drug test. The more heads up that you have before the test, the more time to prepare and the better your chances of passing. You have a higher chance of passing if you have 24- to- 72-hours’ notice in advance of the test. This gives you time to prepare, take care of your oral hygiene and stop smoking.

The tips given cannot be relied upon 100% of the time. If you want to be 100% sure that you will pass, the best answer is to do not consume any weed at all. But if you’ve broken that rule already, these tips can put you on the right track to ensuring you’ll have a higher chance of passing.

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