How to Make Rosin Dabs

“It’s Been A Good Year For The Rosin” – Dabbing Enthusiasts Get Excited By This New Arrival Dabbers all over

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It’s Been A Good Year For The Rosin” – Dabbing Enthusiasts Get Excited By This New Arrival

Dabbers all over are getting excited at the arrival of Rosin and it has already made a significant impact among the extract community. Rosin is a new extraction technique that does not use solvents and enables anyone that wants to make high-quality DIY hash oil.

One of Rosin’s best features is its ability to be produced safely, cheaply and quickly using just ordinary household items. Heat and pressure are used to extract the cannabinoid resin by squeezing it from kief, bubble hash or flowers. All you need are hair straighteners; something to collect the resin with; some parchment paper; and you will be able to produce a hash oil that is rich in flavor, high in potency and powerful in effect.

To the naked eye, it is difficult to distinguish rosin from sap or shatter, but the main difference is the freedom from residual solvents that rosin enjoys. Very often, hydrocarbon extraction leaves these residual solvents from butane or similar fuel. The advantage of Rosin is that you avoid the residual solvent and have none of the risks associated with highly flammable gases.

The cannabis market is definitely taking notice of Rosin with dispensaries all over Canada starting to fill their shelves with this powerful, flavorsome product.

Do you fancy having a go at making some Rosin?

Here’s what you’ll need to make Rosin:

  • Hair straighteners. I know you’re getting high, but please follow the product’s safety instructions. You will need a pair that have a minimum operating temp of around 300 degrees F or less. At higher temperatures crucial terpenes will be destroyed.
  • Starting material. Cannabis flower, kief or bubble hash.
  • Parchment paper. If possible, use some that has not been bleached.
  • Collection tool. Whatever you normally use.
  • Safety gloves. For the heat, yo!

And here’s what you’ll do to make Rosin:

  1. Turn your straighteners on to their lowest setting (between 280-330F).
  2. Cut some parchment paper to about 4”x4” and fold it in half.
  3. Place your starting material in the paper and press with your fingers.
  4. Align the buds in the paper with the straighteners.
  5. Apply pressure with the straighteners for 3-7 seconds (when you hear a sizzle, the resin will have separated and you can remove the pressure).
  6. Remove the straighteners from the sample and open the paper.
  7. Using your collection tool remove the flattened ‘nug’. This is a sticky task that requires patience and care.
  8. These steps are optional but you may want to remove any plant material; package your finished product (folded paper will do); or cool your product to make it more easy to work with.
  9. Finally, enjoy your hand crafted extract

So, there you have it. If you’re already a dabbing enthusiast or cannabis user who wants to give it a go, you should now have all the Rosin knowledge you need to get started.

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